[LINE UPDATE] 130313 JYJ Naver LINE Update: Yoochun’s Concept for Singles Korea Magazine April 2013 Issue is “Noir”!

“Noir” means “Black” in French (via @parksheena6004)


[TRANS] Is Jungwoo’s another filmography? Yoochun’s concept in Single’s magazine that will be released in April is Noir. We can’t open the photo before releasing the magazine. So we just show the photo’s feeling a bit!

[OTHER TRANS] [Official] Han Jung Woo’s another filmography? Yoochun’s concept for the April issue of Singles magazine is ‘Noir’. Prior to the public release of photos, I cannot disclose them, show you a glimpse only!



Source: JYJ + JYJ(EN) Naver LINE
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[VIDEO + TRANS] 130312 AZIATIX’s Interview for tvN “Baek Jiyeon’s People Inside” – Flowsik talks about JYJ

Flowsik talks about being featured in JYJ’s songs


MC: What about you, Flowsik?
F: I’m close with JYJ’s Jaejoong but also with Yuchun and Junsu. We worked together.
MC: You came to know them after working with them?
F: Yes.
[Caption: Became close with JYJ after doing an album featuring 2 years ago]
MC: Do you mean you did a featuring?
F: Yes, I did a featuring 2 years ago and since then, I became more close with them.
MC: But don’t you really have many featuring offers because of your special voice?
F: Well, I would like to have some more.

Translated by: Sheena (@parksheena6004)
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[VIDEO + TRANS] 130310 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013: Message from JYJ in Japanese Cinemas



JJ: Hello everyone,
JYJ: We’re JYJ.
JJ: For those people who couldn’t get to our live concert venue, we shall be doing a live telecast at the cinemas. Everyone, please come!
YC: Hai!
JJ: Please~
JS: Please~

Eng/Chin Subs

Credit: LiveViewingJP + naicha kun
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