[INFO] C-Jes’s notice in English about details on the cancellation of Indonesia Concert (by C-Jes themselves, not trans by fan)



The following announcements were made by C-Jes themselves in English on their official website regarding the cancellation of Indonesia Concert. This isn’t a translation, but words directly from the C-Jes website.




World Tour – Indonesia’s Cancellation

Dear Fans who have been waiting for Worldwide Tour – Indonesia,


This is the official announcement of Worldwide Tour – Indonesia’s cancellation.

Last Saturday, 26th March, we informed Indonesian promoter about the cancellation officially.

We warned Indonesian promoter several times about their non-fulfillment of the contract.

However, they kept breaching the articles in contract so that JYJ has no choice but cancellation because we cannot find any smooth progress for the concert preparation.

We tried our best not to cancel the show for many fans waited for JYJ but there are too many factors which could possibly make JYJ’s impression bad.

JYJ feel so sorry that they cannot meet Indonesian fans this time.


We do know that there are rumors about Singapore concert.

We are on process of changing promoter there and negotiation in Singapore at the moment.

Please be patient for our official announcement for Singapore concert.


Indonesia is the only place that has been cancelled so far, and we will let you know about changing or adding places to go for.


Thank you for your understanding.


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[TRANS] DNBN’s Official Announcement Rebutting Rumors Regarding Dream Catcher Indonesia and Concert Cancellation

Translation CreditJYJ3


The below is the translation of the official announcement that DNBN made regarding the situation in Indonesia. JYJ3 echoes DNBN in expressing our sincere sadness at the pains that the Indonesian fans have suffered due to the actions of its concert promoter.


Rebuttal on the False Rumors and Arguments Regarding the Cancellation of JYJ’s Indonesia Concert


Hello. This is DNBN.

Rumors with low credibility regarding JYJ’s World Tour Indonesia Concert’s cancellation.

We have come to draft this rebuttal in order to give you credible information after confirming the truths and reliability of the (below) materials regarding the cancellation of the concert.

Yesterday C-JeS announced that JYJ’s concert in Indonesia was officially cancelled. Fans of Indonesia, we cannot imagine how distraught you are. We express our sincerest condolences.

Unfortunately, right now, false rumors that blame a particular member for the cancellation is spreading in the international fandom. Because this rumor is being spread unilaterally by one side, we want to provide the other side so that you have more complete information.

This writing is not to argue that the cancellation is the fault of one side or to criticize the other.

Only, we wish that through this writing there will be no one who will believe that the rumors that are currently spreading are the truths.


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[NEWS] Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu Win Big Across the Board on Shorty Awards

Korean celebrities win big at the ‘Shorty Awards’!

On March 28th, the “3rd Annual Shorty Awards“, which honors the best of Twitter and social media, announced their results for the winners and runner-ups. With Korean celebrities gaining much popularity through theirTwitter accounts, it’s no surprise that many of them were nominated for the awards.

In particular, JYJ’s Jaejoong took a big win in the “Best Celebrity on Twitter” category with 5,668 votes, beating out the ever-popular Justin Bieber, who had 5,136 votes. Super Junior’s Heechul also made some noise in this category as he placed 3rd with 2,990 votes. Indeed, many Korean celebrities ranked high for this catagory, such as singer Jay Park (6th) and JYJ’sYoochun (10th) and Junsu(11th). Super Junior’s Leeteuk (24th), Eunhyuk (39th), and Donghae (47th) also ranked in the category as well.

Korean celebrities also stood strong in the “Best Music on Twitter” category.JYJ’s Junsu came in 4th, with fellow groupmate Jaejoong following behind at 11th. Meanwhile, Jay Park was 13th, Heechul was 26th, andYoochun was 36th.

As for the “Best Actor on Twitter”, JYJ’s Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu ranked 9th, 12th, and 26th, respectively. Super Junior’s Donhae and Heechul came in 28th and 29th, while singer/actor Rain rounded out the top 50 by placing at 46th.


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[TRANS] 110329 Park Yoochun Resembles A World Cup Soccer Player?

In the morning of the 29th, an online picture hosting site released pictures of singers and soccer players who look similar but have no relation to each other, regardless of their gender of age.

In particular, JYJ member Park Yoochun (25) and Korean World Cup soccer player Ki Hoon Yeom (28) had strikingly similar pictures, which attracted the attention of netizens with comments like “They’re really alike,” “This is super interesting!”



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