[TRANS + PHOTO] Taiwan Advert Explains Truth Behind Misunderstandings + Other Taiwan News on JYJ

The below is the photo of the paper advertisement that explains the misunderstandings regarding the incident in Taiwan. The translation follows.

The truth about the “throwing away the gifts” incident

The most important thing in a gift is the heart.

In fact, to take all of the gifts to Korea had logistical difficulties, and in a situation in which the fans did not have sufficient communication with the promoter beforehand, there occurred a severe mutual misunderstanding. Further, it is suspected that the media outlets too also received wrongful disclosure/news. Due to many reasons the public of Taiwan was left with a poor impression of JYJ. That is the only regretful thing about the concert.

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[NEWS] 110429 “Stop interfering with JYJ!” Japanese fans protest against AVEX

While group JYJ has filed a lawsuit against Japan’s AVEX for interfering with their efforts to hold a concert, Japanese fans have taken action and protesting against AVEX to stop interfering with JYJ’s activities.

JYJ’s representative agency C-JeS entertainment recently filed an injunction with Japan Tokyo District Courts charging [AVEX] for interfering with [their] efforts to hold a concert, stating that “AVEX’s response regarding the cancellation of charity event for Japan major earthquake [relief] is unjust.”

Furthermore, on the 19th, Japanese fans also sent a public statement which starts [with the words], “JYJ’s Japanese fans make the following demands of JYJ’s current management company, Avex” to AVEX.

Japanese fans pointed out the problems regarding JYJ’s Japanese activities, stating, “in September 2010, with sudden announcement from your company, JYJ’s activities were suspended, and the opportunity to listen to JYJ sing was deprived from us JYJ fans. Since then, JYJ’s activities in Japan have remained suspended till this day. During this entire time, we have kept waiting for the resumption of JYJ’s Japanese activities, and have continued to send such demands to your company, but even now have not received an acceptable explanation for the suspension of their activities.”

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Place in the History of Korean Entertainment Industry; Why they MUST NOT FAIL

This is the most thoughtful and the most informed article on the JYJ issue that we’ve seen in a long time. Please read to better understand JYJ’s place in thehistory of the Korean entertainment system, why they are being blocked so thoroughly, and why they must not fail.

The 101 Methods With Which to Drive Out JYJ from Broadcast?
“You say you’ll sing on TV”? JYJ Fanclub Publicizes a Parodying Advertisement

At the situation in which Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, and Kim Junsu, who have withdrawn from TVXQ and are newly active as JYJ, cannot appear on Television, JYJ’s fan club ‘DNBN’ has printed a full-page advertisement in a non-fee newspaper and is becoming a topic of conversation.

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[TRANS] Hayato Blog: Mr. Paek Moved by Hearts of Fans… Let’s Show the Size of Our Love for JYJ /NOW/.

Wanted to answer the burning heart of JYJ and their fans, it seems.

It was respectful and sincere… I felt love in every single one of the words which were engraved with the thankful heart towards you fans.

The character of a man who can write such sentences… this is definitely not something that is manufactured. (C-JeS Director Paek wrote: http://c-jes.com/w/newsjp/149376)

When I met Mr. Paek, I thought that he was Takakura Ken (a manly image).

Reserved, cannot tell a lie, straight, dislikes crooked parts, looks (far ahead) to the end,… manly… and clumsy

He, who is like that, has endured till now, swallowing his anger, suppressing himself, and has kept his silence.

But he could not ignore the burning hearts of the fans.

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