[FANCAMS] 110527 JYJ World Tour Concert In LA

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[NEWS+VIDEO] 110528 MBC’s “Ripley” Gets A First Episode Preview

After releasing a teaser for the upcoming drama “Ripley”, a short preview of the first episode was released.

The drama itself will center around a lie that snowballs into more lies, eventually causing the protagonist to lose everything. It features actors Kang Hyejung, Lee Dahae, Kim Seungwoo and JYJ member Park Yoochun. For this drama, the latter will be able to show off his Japanese language skills as he’s cast to play a Japanese character with the name Yutaka.

“Ripley” is set to start broadcast on the 30th of May, following the finale of “The Duo.”

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[TRANS] 110530 Park Yoochun Transforms Into A Perfect and Pure Girl

Recently posted picture of JYJ’s Park Yoochun dressed as a girl became a popular topic.

Now matter how you look at it you would feel like this is a girl, however this is really Park Yoochun dressed up as a girl. Park Yoochun wearing a wig with an elegant smile, showing the the perfect image of an innocent girl.

After seeing the picture, netizens left many comments such as “Eh… this person is really male?”, “Park Yoochun is so attractive”, “he really fits being dressed up as women”, “Hyung’s so beautiful! So pure!”, “He is more and more attractive.”

Also, Park Yoochun’s new MBC drama Miss Ripley will broadcast on the 30th.

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[NEWS] 110530 JYJ discusses their growth as artists through their world tour

With just two more stops to go in their two month-long world tour, JYJ recently sat down with Star Today to reflect on their tour thus far.

Jaejoong, who’s also the director for their Asian tour, began, “I aimed to create a stage that allowed artists to express their full potential. I paid special attention to understanding the culture of every city we were performing in and to converse more directly with our fans there. It was extremely heartwarming to see my thoughts come alive at every concert through our fans, and it’s definitely a thrilling experience. I’m thankful for everyone who came to see us.”

Junsu continued, “Bravo! I love it when the crowd shouts that. We’re with the best choreography teams for our American stops. They’ve worked with stars like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, so the happiest moment for me is when they gave us a thumbs up and when staff members praised our live’s harmony. Because our staff members have worked with world pop stars, I do weigh their opinions more heavily. I’m glad that they feel our potential.”

Yoochun added, “The more time passes, the stronger we’re getting. I can feel that we’re growing and moving towards a better direction. With every new concert that we complete, things start to come together and the level of perfection gets higher. This world tour makes my heart swell with pride.”

Jaejoong finally concluded, “The tracks that we composed for our world tour are receiving a lot of love, which makes me proud. We hope to grow as artists that continue to make great tracks under the name of JYJ, and hope to meet more fans across the globe.”

JYJ will be concluding their American tour in San Jose on June 3rd before concluding the tour altogether in Busan on the 11th and 12th.

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[RECAP+PICS] 110527 JYJ World Wide Tour in Los Angeles

The third stop of JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)’s World Tour in the U.S and Canada was held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Although the concert wasn’t scheduled to start til 8PM, fans started entering the venue at 7PM. While the lower seating sections were mostly sold out, the view of the balcony was disappointing as many seats were left unoccupied. Regardless, the highly anticipated concert saw thousands of dedicated fans who traveled hundreds of miles to see the trio in flesh-and-blood. There were even fans who came from as far as Canada, claiming they did not get enough of the three stars at the concert’s first stop in Vancouver. The concert started 15 minutes later than planned, but fans displayed no sign of impatience as they excitedly chattered with one another while waiting.

At 8:15 PM (PST), the once dark stadium transformed into a roaring red ocean at the trigger of the music for “Empty“, the hit track from their global album “The Beginning.” The trio successfully hyped up the audience right from the beginning with the upbeat song, and executed the choreography perfectly in see through boxes. Junsu’s mesmerizing pelvic thrusts during the chorus was probably the best part of the performance. The music then transitioned into their self-composed and written songs, “I.D.S(I Deal Scenario)” and “Nine“. Right into the second song, the members were already sweating bullets, giving 110% of their energy into the performances.

JYJ then took a short break to interact with the fans. Yoochun, being the most fluent in English, lead the conversation by he asking the audience, “How’s everyone feeling?!” which was met with even louder screams from the crowd, if that was even possible. The boys then continued feeding into the extreme energies of the audience as they performed to “Pierrot” and then following up with a slow-paced track composed by Rodney Jerkins, “Be My Girl“, which displayed the sexy side of JYJ. The audience was greeted with a video showing footages from the photoshoot for their album, “The Beginning”, before the trio came out in new outfits for “Be the One” and “Ayyy Girl“. Yoochun kicked off the first solo performance of the night with “I Love You“, and caused screams of jealousy from his fans when he got a little more than intimate with his all female dancers.

Next up was a short ear piercing drum performance that sent a rush of excitement through the crowd, followed by the boys’ appearance which set the stage on fire, literally, for “Mission“. Junsu then showcased his strong vocal abilities with his solo, “I Can Soar,” while Jaejoong rounded up the solo performances afterwards with, “I Still Love You.” Again, both performances were met with all female dancers, causing more jealousy among the fans.

The dancers then came on to the stage to perform a special dance for the audience, buying time for JYJ to change outfits for their next song, “Chajatta(Found You).” As it was for their previous showcase in Los Angeles, the song was definitely a crowd pleaser. For the next two ballad songs, “Fallen Leaves” and “Boy’s Letter,” the trio sung their hearts out to the crowd. Their breathtaking voices blaring from the speakers was so overwhelming that fans halted their cheering and just listened in awe while trying to stop their tears from falling.

Changing the mood of the show, the music transitioned into a fun and upbeat remix of “Be My Girl”. Before the show had started, videos of the tutorial for the dance was played to encourage fans to dance during the song. Although the fans were not able to completely grasp the whole dance, they all tried their best and gave JYJ a fun flashmob to watch. The boys then departed from the stage, creating a feeling of emptiness in the room. Fans desperately began chanting “JYJ” over and over again for the next 5 minutes before JYJ reappeared to a remix of “Empty” that blasted from the speakers, but still couldn’t overpower the loud and clear fanchants from the crowd.

Afterwards, the trio left once again, acting as if the show had ended. Feeling their happiness being depleted, the fans started chanting “JYJ” even louder than before. Hearing the fans’ prayers, JYJ came out for the last song of the night, “In Heaven“. The beautiful melody accompanied by the breathtaking voices of the three members was the perfect song to end an unforgettable night.

I have witnessed JYJ live once before during their showcase in Los Angeles, but this concert easily topped it as one of the best events of my life. Words cannot describe this concert justice, it’s just something you have to be present for to understand how unbelievably amazing it really is. Seeing fans of both genders, and all ages, and ethnicity come together for the concert has made me realize that music is truly a universal language. While exiting the stadium, I overheard a conversation between two middle-age American men who regarded the concert as “absolutely amazing.” and I couldn’t agree with them more.

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