[NEWS] Jaejoong: “Ji Sung is My Means of Support. Park Yoochun is My Means of Facing Reality”

Kim Jaejoong: “Ji Sung is My Means of Support. Park Yoochun is My Means of (Facing) Reality.”

Is it that the idol craze of the drama scene has cooled down a bit. Nowadays, projects that have veteran actors in the forefront are particularly pouring forth and ruling the drama scene. In the midst of this, it is curious as to whether JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who is looking forward to his first drama debut will be able to have a smooth induction ceremony.

Kim Jaejoong begins in earnest the dual life of an artist and an actor through Protect the Boss which will air as a follow-up to City Hunter.

Kim Jaejoong, who has debuted in the entertainment scene through the first album of TVXQ Hug, has stepped up to the level of the very top of the singers of Korea through an active album life. However, he has mainly focused on his musical activities unlike many of his colleagues who are active in a variety of genres such as acting and singing after stepping out of the boundaries of their main careers. Therefore, he has had a bit of quiet disappointment from the fans.

Kim Jaejoong, excluding the Japanese activities, has only shown acting through the movie Heaven’s Postman in which he appeared with Han Hyoju in 2009. This is in contrast to how the other members of the team, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, has met with the fans on a variety of fronts through a variety of dramas and musicals. He has made the hearts of the fans who wanted to see his acting be dear for quite a while.

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[NEWS] Yoochun’s 2nd Tio Ad Evokes Netizen Curiosity

Park Yoochun. What Is This Sly Acting? Netizen Curiosity Up.

A second teaser ad for an iced tea brand for which singer/actor Park Yoochun is modeling for has been revealed. On an online community board on the 30th, a video with the title of “Yoochun’s CF Video Which Is Recent” was posted.

Instead of the “warm male” smile that he showed on the first ad, Park Yoochun shows off a sly acting such as shouting and showing embarrassment. Further, the scene in which Park Yoochun who seems to be wrongly accused tries to explain while sweating in front of a female teacher draws the curiosity of the netizens.

The netizens are responding heatedly: “Park Yoochun who has really come up to acting,” and “He is so good at sly acting.”

On the other hand, Park Yoochun passionately acted in the recently-finished dramaMiss Ripley and received love from the viewers.

Source: Everyday Kyungjae
Translation Credit: JYJ3


[NEWS] Park Yuchun of JYJ playing innocent! Netizens’ curiosity rises

The second teaser Ice-tea advertisement of Park Yoo Chun, a singer and actor, was revealed.

The video was uploaded as, ‘A new ad of Yoochun’ in an online community on the 30th.

Park Yoo Chun showed a whole different side from the first ad.

In the video, he seems to be trying to explain himself to a schoolmistress, which aroused many netizens’ curiosity.

Netizens commented, “His acting is as good as ever.” “He is so good at playing inocent!”

Park Yoo Chun was loved by many viewers by playing as the main character in Miss Ripley.

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[TRANS] 110730 Hayato Blog update

What happened to the donation money from the charity concert?

I’ve been asked this question many times..

After confirming with Zak, they are in discussion with the department of foreign affairs about how and where should the donation money be used and once it’s done, it will be a while before a formal press announcement is made. Please give it some time.

Source: JYJ2011
Translated by: As0or83 of JYJ3
Credit: JYJ3
 Shared by: iMickyCassie

[TRANS] 110730 JYJ Kawaii Conversations @ NII Fanmeet

Below is translation is based on attending fans’ fanaccount. 
The boys seems to in high spirit today ^o^ They are sooo cute! o(^▽^)o

  • Q1 to JJ: Do you remember your first love?
    JJ Ans: I met the girl i went out with in 6th grade for 4 years and 8 months once last year…JJ then talked about “a man’s heart”
  • Q2 to YC: How many songs composed by JYJ in new album?
    YC Ans: I don’t know bc we are still working on it
  • Jae said that they will put in the songs they showed at the concert in the new album after improving it and said that it will come out if you wake up from sleep a few times LOL
  • Q3 to JS: I heard you look at the body first instead of the face in a woman?
    JYJ laughed a lot… said something like it’s good if they’re pretty….  JS is only about body (in a woman) Jae is laughing like crazy… JJ said he’s okay with women that are between 10 years older and younger. JS asked if women that are younger than 10 years def aren’t okay… and JJ said that he doesn’t want the person he loves to die first~ YC likes older women better and the people he saw as women were usually older… the three are having fun amongst themselves and laughing. JS told YC to meet younger women now so YC said he is trying but isn’t working out too well~ he said he’ll probably meet someone when it’s the right time~ From the women that he went out with, 98% were older~