[NEWS] Park Yoochun and Yoohwan, Superior Genes and Adorable Family

Superior Genes. “Adorable Entertainer Families.” Park Yoochun

The families of entertainers with superior genes are always a hot issue, for instance coming up as hot real-time search words. Currently, star photos are gathering attention—recently, actor Cho Jaehyun and Lee Kyungkyu revealed their son and daughter who are of great looks. Then who are among the families of entertainers who show off their warm relationships?

We cannot leave out the siblings of the idol world. The idols have conquered the entertainment industry, and in doing so their family members have also risen to be idol stars and have made their names known.

Singer Park Yoochun has shown a photo of himself and his younger brother Park Yoohwan when young through his Twitter. In the photo, the kind eyes, nose, and the lips are identical.

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[NEWS] JYJ, “Still no casting offers from TV programs… We believe in KBS’s fairness”

Even without appearance on TV programs, group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) swept all online charts, which proves their popularity. Therefore, fans are focusing on whether they can appear on music programs.

According to Olleh Music on the 16th, [In Heaven], JYJ’s first Korean album consisting of songs revealed during their world tour, won Social Charts for 2 weeks by taking #1, #2 and #3 with its main songs.

But unlike other artists who released new song at the same time, JYJ didn’t appear on any music program, which makes this achievement even more meaningful.

Also, the album will be officially released on the 27th, yet its preorder sales reached 300,000 and it’s temporarily out of stock at all online purchasing sites. The orders are pouring in so much from Japan, China and all over Asia that the supply and demand is put on emergency alert. However, JYJ is still in the situation where they can’t be seen on any music program.

C-Jes Entertainment that is in charge of JYJ’s management said, “There is no casting offers from TV programs. But as the album hasn’t been officially out yet, we’re keeping an eye out for the situation.”

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[NEWS] 110926 JYJ “Get Out” 1st place in Weekly Charts 2 Weeks in a Row

Male idol group, JYJ, have ranked Number one in weekly music charts for 2 weeks in a row.

According to the OLE Music Portal on the 25th, JYJ’s “Get Out” was ranked in first place for the week of September 18th through the 24th, marking the second week it has held this position. JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Boy’s Letter’ were ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively, making this a full sweep.

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Music officials have stated “JYJ have swept 1st through 3rd place on the music chart and have been receiving an explosion of popularity” as well as saying “JYJ as well as Sung Si Kyung have come out with beautiful fall ballads that hold much appeal to the netizens”.

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[VIDEO] MBC Kpop Cover Dance Festival in Spain asks “Favorite member?” They reply, “Park Yoochun!”

Caption reads: Various nationalities. Common interest among the youth– Kpop

The interviewer asked the girls “Who is your favorite member” and two of the girls replied “Yoochun.” The interviewer exclaims “Oh wow, really…they are all Yoochun fans.”

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[NEWS] “Get Out” “In Heaven” and “Boy’s Letter” Take #1, #2, and #3 on Ole Social Charts

JYJ Sweeps Gold, Silver, and Bronze on the Social Chart of Ole Music

Group JYJ’s Get Out has taken #1 for two consecutive weeks on the social chart of KTMusic music portal Ole Music by recording #1 on the fourth week of September as well. In particular, JYJ placed In Heaven and Boy’s Letter on 2nd and 3rd as to sweep the first three places.

The 4th was Sung Sikyung’s I Like It. The 5th was the OST for Mabinogi, which Tiffany, Jessica, and Seohyun of SNSD sung.

Following, Hot Shot from Brown Eyed Girls, Hello from Heo Gack, Oh My Goddess from Sung Sikyung,You are so Beautiful from Kim Junsu, and First time by Sung Sikyung rounded out the top 10.

KTMusic revealed: “JYJ is enjoying an explosive popularity, sweeping the first, second, and third places on the social chart. Along with JYJ, autumn ballads from Sung Sikyung and Heo Gack and such are appealing hugely to the netizens.”

On the other hand, on the Top 100 Chart of Olet Music, Heo Gack’s Hello is #1. Brown Eyed Girls’ Hot Shot, Sung Sikyung’s I Like It, Kara’s Step, Sung Sikyung’s We Used To Be So Good, JYJ’s In Heaven, Heo Gack’s I Miss You, SG Wannabe’s Methods of Love,Da Vichi’s Don’t Say Goodbye, and Tiara’s Log In followed.

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