[GENERAL] 111231 Top Korean News Of 2011 – World Falls In Love With K-Pop

Freak weather and upheavals in Korea’s political landscape punctuated a year of uncertainties that ended with the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il just before Christmas. But Koreans also took pride in their burgeoning exports, not only of electronics and cars that are increasingly prized around the world but also of the pop music generated by leading talent factories, which cheered up listeners worldwide in gloomy times.

◆ Kim Jong-il Dies

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died on a cold December day, according to the state media suffering a heart attack on his armored train while on his way to one of his on-the-spot guidance tours. Where that account is true or not, the fact remains that his undeniably dead body lies in state in Pyongyang, and his son Kim Jong-un (29) has been officially declared the new leader. North Korea’s regional neighbors are anxiously watching to see if he can establish his hold on power and wondering what it will mean for peace on the region and the fate of 24 million North Koreans.


◆ Software Tycoon Blows Korean Politics Wide Open

When software tycoon Ahn Cheol-soo said he was considering running for Seoul mayor in the Oct. 26 by-elections, he triggered a seismic shift in the political landscape as a solid majority expressed their support before he had even declared his candidacy. That revealed a widespread disaffection with the political establishment and a yearning for a fresh approach. Ahn ceded his mayoral bid to lawyer-turned-civic-activist Park Won-soon, whose victory many attribute to Ahn’s support. Ahn is now being touted as a possible presidential contender.

Both ruling and opposition lawmakers admitted they were stymied by voter distrust. The results of the general and presidential elections next year are expected to lead to the biggest changes in Korean politics since the introduction of direct elections for president back in 1987.


◆ Korea Ratifies FTAs with EU and U.S.

The ruling Grand National Party railroaded through the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement at the National Assembly on Nov. 22 despite strong protests from opposition parties, four years and five months after it was signed by both sides. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed the FTA in late October. As a result, Korea became the first Asian country to forge FTA deals with both the EU and U.S., while paving the way for tariff-free trade with countries that account for 60 percent of the world’s GDP. The FTA with Washington will go into effect early next year, but opposition parties are still calling for it to be renegotiated.


◆ Korea Becomes World’s No. 7 Exporter

Korea’s annual trade volume surpassed US$1 trillion on Dec. 5. Exports totaled $515.6 billion, while imports amounted to $486 billion. Korea became the ninth country in the world to achieve that feat. Korea’s exports totaled just $19 million back in 1948, half the level of Kenya and Cameroon and ranked 100th in the world. But in six decades on, Korea became the world’s seventh-largest exporter.


◆ Pyeongchang Finally Wins Bid to Host Winter Olympics

Millions of Koreans sat in front of their TV sets at midnight on July 7 when International Olympic Committee Chairman Jacques Rogge declared Pyeongchang the winner to host the 2018 Winter Olympics. Pyeongchang had tasted defeat twice before in its bids for the 2010 and 2014 games, when it lost to Vancouver and Sochi. But this time, Pyeongchang comfortably beat Munich and Annecy, garnering 63 out of 95 votes.

Korea becomes the fifth country in the world to host both the summer and winter Olympics, the football World Cup, the World Championships in Athletics and the Formula 1 race. The others are France, Italy, Germany and Japan.


◆ World Falls in Love with K-Pop

K-pop was the top Korean entertainment product to sweep the world this year. Manufactured bands are continuing the Korean Wave triggered by the popularity of soap operas such as “Winter Sonata” and “Jewel in the Palace,” and drew legions of fans not only in Japan, China and other parts of Asia, but also in Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. and Latin America.

Girls’ Generation, Kara, 2PM, SHINee, 2NE1, Big Bang, Super Junior, TVXQ and JYJ held concert tours around the world and swept through their album chart rankings. Fans in the U.S., Europe and Latin America even took to the streets demanding K-pop concerts in their countries.


◆ Record Rainfall in Seoul

Korea was drenched with record precipitation in July with many regions experiencing between 100 to 200 mm of rainfall that lasted for days, triggering mudslides and other damage. It was the largest amount of rain in Korea in a century. Heavy rains on July 27 in particular submerged many parts of Seoul and triggered a mudslide on a mountain in an affluent southern suburb of the capital. The downpours left 71 people dead across the country.


Source: The Cholsunilbo
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[BLOG-TRANS] 111230 Post Of A Staff Who Experienced The Uncomfortable Relationship Between JYJ And SM Entertainment

Just translated key parts from the post of a staff who experienced the uncomfortable relationship between JYJ and SM Entertainment.


– It’s not present, but I once happened to work with JYJ’s Yuchun Park and SM artists (SHINee, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and etc). I wasn’t the PD but I was in charge of something similar.

– Normally when you make TV programs, it can be worked out well when the agreement between the production (who pays the money), staff (PD and other people who actually make programs) and other 3rd party (broadcasting company and the others who air the program) is well-processed. People may think that the one who pays the money has the strongest power among those three.

– However, the situations become very different when JYJ and SM artists are on the same program’s casting board in broadcasting industries regardless of what program it is. When there are JYJ and SM together, all the three parties involved in programs tend to be in SM’s favour. Actually they have been in favour of only SM’s sides for several years.

According to my own experience,

There was a production company who wanted to cast JYJ on its program. And the production and staff also wanted SM’s artists who were making Korean Wave together. So far so good, a scriptwriter of the program made his/her casting offer and it went all well. However, it was declined by the broadcasting company. The reason was the one everyone knows.

The funny thing was that all of the 3 major broadcasting companies did the same thing.
There was difference of intensity to say it, but the decisions were the same. Only SBS said in less-intense way.

But I didn’t like this unreasonable and incomprehensible situation so pushed ahead with a plan[the original casting] in a quite strong way. Eventually, the people in senior positions said that it wouldn’t be possible that JYJ appears in the program, and especially not possible when there is SM on the same casting board. And they told that only one member of JYJ could be accepted in the consideration of the staff’s position. So Yuchun Park was appeared as an actor, not as a singer.

– In fact, the SM singer who was casted at the same time [with JYJ on the same program] knew about the casting later, and gave me an ultimatum by saying that I would have to choose the one between the two, and he/she[SM singer] would refuse to appear on the program if JYJ appeared as any smallest role. I said that I would never ask them for another work cause it was so chip and nasty, then Yuchun Park was finally able to appear.

– And the SM singer cancelled the appearance, and I was harshly criticized by the broadcasting company. The reason was that why I had to choose Yuchun Park, while there are possibilities that they[SM singers] could boycott their future appearances on other music or entertainment programs and there could be other direct/indirect disadvantages in any ways.

– SM Entertainment has pocketed as much as it could in 2011. They had a lot of government money and made worldwide issues. Soo Man Lee even was awarded a medal. It seems to be Samsung in entertainment industry. The reason that SM keeps JYJ from being in entertainment industry is crystal clear. Because JYJ is the one who could damage its position.

– According to the words by JYJ’s sides a few months ago, “the news about JYJ’s concerts in America never makes the front parts”, “They[SM] know more than us that JYJ is second to none in ticket-power and any other influence when there is direct competition between any singers of SM and JYJ.

Well people say that broadcasting field is quite dirty. What I experienced was even a lot dirtier.


Original Link: http://dg5242.blog.me/90132042818

* I think everyone can have some information about SM’s interference in JYJ, but just thought this kind of eyewitness evidence in open public could be more significant.

* Do not move or use the contexts in your own writing without any notices or permissions. I just wanted to share some situations in Korea with JYJ fans, and do not want to feel sore by seeing someone use my works in their own manners without myself not knowing it.

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[NEWS] 111228 JYJ Pushes Lee Seung Gi And SNSD Aside

Idol group JYJ pushed Lee Seung Gi, and SNSD and was awarded as the best idol star.

‘2011 Best Icon Award’, which started its survey on August 28th on the KBS Homepage, awarded JYJ as the best idol star.

Winning 58,357 votes, JYJ received the honor of first place by surpassing 2nd in place Lee Seung Gi, with 53,560 votes. In the year 2011, the three members released the first Korean special album ‘In Heaven’ and showed off their vocals.

In the best idol star category were JYJ, Lee Seung Gi, Park Shi Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, and SNSD in their respective order.

Photo Credit: JYJ Fanclub
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[NEWS-JAP+KOR] 111227 JYJ Article On Japanese Newspape

東方神起」分裂ユニット JYJ 日本撤退 ‐カネ取り分めぐり大モメ 所属プロが招聘元とケンカ別れ 「東方神起」から分裂した韓流アイドル3人組「JYJ」が事実上、日本でのライブが不可能となった。3人の移籍した韓国芸能プロがこのほど、日本公演を今年2度実現させた日本の招聘元との決別を宣言したのだ。その背景にあるのが、金銭トラブル。なんとライブでボロ儲けしたのはJYJ側でなく招聘元だったという。焦った招聘元は、JYJで最後の荒稼ぎを画策している。 震災チャリティー名目のライブで6月と10月、JYJを日本に招聘したのは「ザックコーポレーション」だが、JYJの韓国での移籍元「C-Jesエンターテインメント」は同社について今月14日、公式サイトで「当時(10月)の公演代行の契約を最後に現在はcjesエンターテインメントとはまったく関係のない会社です」との声明を発表した。東方神起が所属する韓国最大手プロ「SMエンターテインメント」はおろか、日本での興行を持つ「エイベックス」まで敵に回し、JYJは日韓両国で活動が思うようにいかない状態。そんな中、日本でのライブができたのはザックの“ゴリ押し”があったからだ。感謝こそすれ、なぜC-jesは手を切ったのか?その背景にあるのが、10月の茨城ライブでのギャラ配分問題。興行関係者によれば、JYJ側へ渡った2億円に対し、ザックの儲けはその倍以上だったという。C-jesは日本で言う“マル暴密接交際者”で、カネが絡むとうるさいとの情報もある。当時本紙が懸念した「収益分配でモメ、招聘元と縁が切れるような事態」が本当になってしまった。C-jesの“ザック決別宣言” には付線があった。ザックは最近、同社主催のライブの情報やチケットを先行入手できる有料会員に、JYJの今後のライブについて「現在、国内の2つの会場候補地より開催に向けてのご相談を受けております」とメルマガで流した。いつどこでやるかは明言していないため、どうやらC-jesにファンから問い合わせ殺到、それでくだんの声明を出したようだ。「JYJが日本でライブをやる予定があると言っておけば、ザックの有料会員になってるJYJファンの大半は、年会費3600円の会員登録を更新するでしょう。ザック側からしたら、たかだか3600円でもファン数万人から集められたら、いい臨時収入になりますよね」(音楽関係者)国内レーベル大手のエイベックスがニラミを利かせている以上、誰が進んでC-jesと手を組み、JYJを日本に招聘するだろうか。3人がまた日本で出稼ぎをしたいなら、SMとエイベクスに頭を下げ、東方神起に戻るしかもう道はなさそうだ。  (醍醐竜一) 2011年12月27日 東京スポーツ
동방신기 ‘분열 장치 JYJ 일본 철수 – 카네 몫을 놓고 큰 옥신각신 소속 프로가 초빙 기반 싸움 이별 “동방신기”에서 분열 한류 아이돌 3 인조 “JYJ”이 사실상 일본에서의 라이브가 불가능했다. 3 명의 이적 한국 예능 프로가 이번 일본 공연을 올해 2도 실현시킨 일본의 초빙 원래와의 결별을 선언한 것이다.
그 배경에있는 것이 금전 문제.
무려 라이브로 보 벌어 한 것은 JYJ 측은 아니라 초빙 원래 였다고한다. 초조해 장병 원래는 JYJ에서 마지막 荒稼ぎ을 획책하고있다.
지진 자선 명목 라이브 6 월과 10 월 JYJ를 일본에 초빙 것은 “잭 코퍼레이션”하지만 JYJ 한국에서 이적 원래 “C – Jes 엔터테인먼트”은 회사에 대해 지난 14 일 공식 사이트에서 “당시 (10 월) 공연 대행 계약을 마지막으로 현재 cjes 엔터테인먼트와 전혀 관계없는 회사입니다”라는 성명을 발표했다.
동방신기 소속하는 한국 최대 프로 “SM 엔터테인먼트”는 커녕 일본에서 흥행을 가진 “에이 벡스”까지적으로 돌려 JYJ는 한일 양국에서 활동이 여의치 않은 상태. 그런 가운데, 일본에서의 라이브가 된 것은 자크의 “푸쉬”이 있었기 때문이다.
감사야말로하면 왜 C – jes는 손을 뗐다가?
그 배경에있는 것이 10 월 이바라키 라이브의 개런티 배분 문제.
흥행 관계자에 따르면 JYJ 측에 건너간 2 억 원에게 자크의 벌이는 그 배 이상이었다고한다. C – jes는 일본에서 말하는 “마르 폭력 가깝게 교제 사람”에서 돈이 관련되면 시끄러운는 정보도있다. 당시 본지가 우려했다
“수익 분배에서 옥신각신, 초빙 원본과 인연이 만료 사태”정말되었다. C – jes의 “자크 결별 선언”​​에있는 선이 있었다.
자크는 최근 회사 주최의 라이브 정보와 티켓을 선행 사용할 수있는 유료 회원에 JYJ의 향후 라이브에 대해 “현재 국내 두 회장 후보지보다 개최를 위해 상담을 받고 있습니다” 와 메일 매거진으로 흘렸다. 언제 어디서 할까은 명언하고 있지 않기 때문에, 아무 래도 C – jes에 팬들로부터 문의 쇄도, 그래서 くだん 계산서를 낸 것 같다.
“JYJ가 일본에서 라이브를 할 예정이라고 말했다두면, 자크의 유료 회원이되고있는 JYJ 팬들의 대부분은 연회비 3600 원 회원 등록을 갱신하는 것입니다. 자크 측에서되면 고작 3600 원에서도 팬 수만명에서 모은되면 좋은 임시 소득 되는군요 “(음악 관계자)
국내 레이블 최고의 에이 벡스가 섬광을 부리고있는 이상 누가 진행 C – jes와 손잡고 JYJ 일본에 초빙하는 것일까.
3 사람이 또 일본에서 이주를하고 싶다면, SM과 에이 백스 머리를 낮추고 동방신기으로 밖에 다른 길은 없을 것 같다. (다이고 류이치)
2011 년 12 월 27 일 도쿄 스포츠

Trans by: 헝조회수
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[NEWS] 111223 JYJ Kim Jaejoong Selected As Sexiest Male By Peruvians, All Members Of 5-Man TVXQ Ranked

Korean group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s good looks have been recognised in Peru.

In the “EL Hombre Mas Sexy del Mundo De la Revista Privilege 2011″ poll done in Peru on 20 December, Kim Jaejoong took the position of the no.1 “pretty boy” in the world with 44.3% of the votes. Previously, he had been voted no.2 most famous twitter celebrity in Japan, and was also compared to Robert Pattinson, and now he is once again being recognised in Peru.

Another point to note was that members of the previously 5-man TVXQ were the top 5 of this poll, with JYJ’s Park Yoochun at no. 3 (10.6%), Kim Junsu at no. 5 (0.7%), TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin at no. 2 (36.4%) and U-Know Yunho at no. 4 (0.8%).

Netizens who saw this left messages such as “Kim Jaejoong is truly a world-class beauty,” “Kim Jaejoong’s beauty is recognised even in Peru” “Kim Jaejoong dominates Peru” “The ultimate sexy guy,” and other responses.

Source : [yule.com.cn]
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[TRANS] 111216 New drama Miss Ripley hits Japan exclusive interview with actor Park Yoochun

The drama DVD will be released in Japan in February 2012. Park Yoochun, who has been receiving a great amount of praise as an actor, shared his memories about his shooting process with us at The Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, the hotel where the outdoor shoots for “Miss Ripley” was done.

Acting while thinking about “The situation of a first love”

“The Song Yoohyun which I portray is innocent and doesn’t know anything about love, a person who mulls over his problems and doesn’t talk about it.” This is what Yoochun says about his role in “Miss Ripley.” As he explained, Yoohyun was born to a Japanese mother and Korean father, and his mother passed away when he was 9 years old. Following that, he studied at the University of Tokyo, and has the Japanese name Yutaka, as well as Korean name Yoohyun. His father remarried, and hoped that his son would take over the business. If this was a typical drama, the main character would be rebel against his father and refuse to take over the business. However, Song Yoohyun is a straightforward man who grew up in a proper manner, and it was probably because of this that he bumps into the beautiful Jang Miri at a student hostel in Seoul, and falls in love with her at first sight. His expression at that moment in time is probably a true expression of Yoohyun’s innocence, leaving a deep impression.

“The director said that to Song Yoohyun, Jang Miri is his first love, so he wanted me to express the emotion of being in love for the first time. However, when I was acting I was not thinking about my first love, instead immersing myself in the character of Yoohyun then expressing the emotion.” Compared to the innocent Song Yoohyun, female lead Jang Miri, despite living in a student hostel herself, felt that “men who are living in a student hostel must be poor,” so prior to knowing that he is a chaebol, always treated Yoohyun in a cold manner. To escape her bitter past, she lies that she is a graduate of the University of Tokyo, and starts working in a hotel. She dates both Kim Seung Woo’s character Jang Myung Hoon, and Song Yoohyun at the same time. Although she is the female lead, her role has a strong image of an “evil woman.”

“If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t be cheated by a person like Miri. As long as there is something slightly strange about his/her actions or words, I will be able to tell that it is a lie. Ah no, there are times which I can’t tell as well (laughs). If you were to ask if I was someone who would be easily cheated or not, do I look like the type who will be easily fooled? I feel that I haven’t really been cheated before, and can detect a lie at a glance. When chatting with staff, I can tell immediately if they are lying. If it’s being fooled by a girlfriend? Hmm… then maybe I won’t be able to tell (laughs). I think my mom would say “You’re still not there yet.”

Saying with an innocent face that he cannot be fooled, then saying that he might be fooled, Park Yoochun’s air of purity seems to fit well with the character of Song Yoohyun.

In the drama, Song Yoohyun falls in love with Jang Miri and expresses this directly. But considering it carefully, Song Yoohyun does not understand how Miri grew up, and her character. Furthermore, Miri showed no interest to him at first, treating him in a cold manner, pushing him away, and despite being treated this way, he fearlessly expresses his feelings for her. Even though Miri’s friend, Moon Hui Joo (played by Kang Hye Jung) expresses her interest in Yoohyun, he doesn’t waver at all.

“I think that anyone could fall in love at first sight. But whether that will lead to love, I don’t know.Personally, I hope that love can last for a long time, and develop slowly. Of course, if I meet someone I like, I will work hard to show her my charm. Song Yoohyun is a optimistic person, and we are similar in that aspect. But in terms of having a special method of “if you do this, you can definitely get the girl,” I don’t have that (laughs).

“To touch a person’s heart is really difficult. If you ask me what you should do to move someone, I don’t have an answer to that too.”

In that case, have you considered how you would need to touch someone as an actor?

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