[INFO-MINI PROJECT] Support The Mango Tree Project And Leave A Message For JYJ!

Let us all go back seven years and bask in the glory that is TVXQ singing Christmas songs~ 

Herroooooooo 🙂

I haven’t posted here in a while and it makes me feel kinda guilty .__.
But I’ll probably start posting again in the next week so \o/

Anywho, the reason I’m making this post is because t’is the season of giving!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Christmas is just around the corner (okay… more like 25 days away) and the spirit of sharing has returned.

As you all know, JYJ, along with Yoohwan and Ji Hyo, are participating in World Vision’s Mango Tree Project.

It aims to plant 20,000 mango trees in Sudan as a sustainable source of income for those who have been afflicted by the internal conflict. Each tree costs 10,000 KRW to plant, which means JYJ are aiming to collect 200 million KRW. Personally, I think this is an absolutely spectacular charity project, which is why I’ve set up this mini project.

I’m sure some of you have visited the C-JeS mini-homepage thing for the Mango Tree Project, clicked on the little link that said “click here” and…. ended up on the Korean site of World Vision (as seen here)… Awkward sauce yo .__.

You need a Korean registration number to make the donation, which is only given to Korean citizens (more awkward…). This was why my fellow ninja master Rara had to ask me if I could help her out and I said, ‘Hey, why not?’ 🙂

So, in light of it being the happiest season of the year, I’ll be using my registration number to make a collective donation from anyone who would like to join in.

Here’s some basic info for the mini-project:

Date: December 1st ~ December 10th 11:59pm KST
Amount: As much or as little as you would like
Paypal account: TVXQmelodies@gmail.com

On the 5th, 8th and 11th (after all donations have been collected) I’ll post a spreadsheet with first names, amount donated and ‘message received’ (for the message to JYJ)

All other costs that come from transferring the money from my Paypal account to my actual bank account will be paid for by me, but whatever costs may come from donating to my Paypal account must to paid for by you guys (I don’t even know if there are any costs for this D:) and I’ll be contributing an extra 30,000 KRW (one tree per member :))

After your donation has been made, send me an e-mail to TVXQmelodies@gmail.com with the following information

Amount donated:
Message to JYJ: (Maximum 5 lines guys. I know you all have a lot to say, but I can’t be translating paragraphs .__.)

On the day the donation is made, I’ll post a confirmation screencap of the donation, as well as the money withdrawn from my bank account as well as the e-mail that I’ll be sending to both C-JeS and World Vision.

So whether you’re a JYJ fan, TVXQ fan or someone who just wants to help out with a great cause, join in and spread the holiday cheer!

Mucho loves,

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