[VIDEO] 120130 E! Live: JYJ Yoochun fansign event

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[NEWS] 120131 JYJ Fans Organize Online Petition and Boycott of CGV

Shortly after news of JYJ’s documentary film, “The Day,” being cancelled from release due to contractual issues with CGV theaters, JYJ fans have organized an online petition and movement for boycott of all CGV theaters.

On the portal site Daum, thousands of fans at the community called “Agora*” posted an online petition requesting CGV’s explanation of the issue. The petition, which is aiming for 100,000 supporters, encourage more participation of all JYJ fans by saying, “JYJ is being ostracized by a group of people. We should stop it now.” Also, some of the netizens are organizing a group boycott of all CGV theaters, which is one of the largest movie theater chains in the country.

On January 30, JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment announced the abrupt cancellation of JYJ’s documentary film, “The Day,” citing CGV’s unexplained breach of contract. CGV addressed the issue saying, “C-JeS released the press release and announced the deal before the contract was finalized.”

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[NEWS] 120131 Possible clash of the K-pop management titans

Cancellation of JYJ documentary leads some to wonder about SM Entertainment‘s influence

A screening of “The Day”, a documentary on the daily life of K-pop group JYJ, was cancelled Monday, prompting questions over the real reason for cancellation. JYJ’s management C-Jes Entertainment stated “‘The Day’ was to be released in theaters on Feb. 9 in more than 20 CGV theaters. The relevant contracts had been signed. But on Jan 20, one day after initial reporting on the film, CGV unilaterally gave us notice of cancellation.” C-Jes Entertainment also stated, “We filed claims to the Fair Trade Commission and the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission on Jan 27. In addition, we are taking steps to file law suits.”*

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[NEWS+VIDEO] 120128 Best 5 Idols Overseas From Arirangworld!

Arirangworld released a ranking of best 5 idol stars from overseas through their official YouTube channel.

The idol taking the first place was 2NE1’s leader CL, she has great fluency in language being able to speak 4 different ones which includes French, Japanese, English and Korean. Also she has appeared for an exclusive interview on BBC News discussing about 2NE1’s rising success.

Wonder Girls member Lim Hye-rim came in second place, also able to speak four languages, as Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and English. She led all the interviews while promoting in China and was great help during their stay in the US.

Nichkun of 2PM placed third, he was already an iconic celebrity back home in Thailand before coming to Korea in pursuit of his dreams to become a singer. As he studied abroad he is able to speak fluent English.

Fourth place went to JYJ’s Yoochun, known for his charming looks and English skills. He studied Japanese by watching Japanese dramas and now able to speak it fluently.

The fifth place was given to f(x)’s Amber. She is Taiwanese-American fluent in English, Mandarin, as well as Korean. She is an invaluable asset to the group as she has been an interpreter for many major events.

Watch the video below.

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[NEWS] 120129 [Exclusive] Theatrical release of JYJ’s daily documentary suddenly got cancelled

JYJ’s documentary movie got cancelled due to the sudden disagreement of the theatre.

On the 30th, via its official homepage, JYJ’s company C-JeS Entertainment said, “We announced that the theatrical release has been inevitably cancelled. First of all, we really sorry that the promise of screening we made has been reversed.”

The company was notified of the sudden disagreement by CGV. They explained, “In December, we started discussing with CGV and got into a verbal agreement. On the 16th of January, we had our second meeting and on the 19th of January, on the agreement of both sides, the examination of contract’s contents was completed. We have received the sealed contract on the 20th.  But after that, via phone, CGV said that the final decision-maker hasn’t approved so we needed to initialize the contract.”

They added, “CGV said that in reference to the process of business report that they have conducted, the internal reports and continuing progress haven’t been properly accomplished according to the rule.  So the screening was lastly difficult to be held.”

C-Jes also stated, “In order to protect our legitimate rights, we’ll take legal action against CGV for thisunilateral cancellation by filling a complaint to the FTC and the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission.”

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