[NEWS] 120311 “Entertainment Relay” MCs Become Pathetic Jokes

T/NEntertainment Relay‘s Shin Hyeon Joon made a jole saying his friend, entertainer Tak Jae Hoon, was his ‘sasaeng fan’. Many of the comments in the next paragraph are adressing that.

“Shin Hyeon Joon, are you a sasaeng fan?” “Since Tak Jae Hoon is not a sasaeng fan, he must be waiting outside the recording studio” “I think Tak Jae Hoon is giving [Shin Hyeon Joon] too much privacy, he must follow him around more”,  “MC Park EunYoung is very pretty, maybe I will become a Park EunYoung sasaeng now”, “How can you call sasaengs as fans?”

Entertainment Relay MCs are dealing with such questions from the fans and public after the report that they did on JYJ’s sasaengs. Because of quotes from the MCs, such as “sasaengs should be considered as fans”, many people have been flooding in comments about the nature of their broadcast, especially how they covered the serious nature of the sasaeng problem with jokes. In this type of situation, which can can cause people to mentally collapse from stress and anxiety, smiling jokes [from the MCs] were looked down upon.

There are many facts and data to be shown about JYJ’s sasaeng, and in the “official story” of JYJ (which Entertainment Relay reported directly on), those facts were overlooked. It had already been announced through many different media sites that the show would be releasing new recordings from the members, however instead there were direct voice recordings from the sasaeng fans, which was very different from what was reported. Maybe if the program has actually followed what the media had reported, reactions to it would be different. However, Entertainment Relay did not do that.

For fans who first brought up the issue of sasaeng fans, they hoped that the program would be a stimulus for change on the subject. But it was far from that. The audio file that the program released of JYJ was no different from what the media already had. Many fans of artists who are facing the issue of sasaeng fans are looking for a change in the system and were offended by the attitudes of the MCs. Because the MCs were making jokes about the situation, it seemed as though they were making light of a serious situation. Also, edited in laughter sounds added an additional insult.

Entertainment Relay has a growing criticism targeted at it already because of faulty reporting that they did with a recent report concerning Big Bang member Daesung. Because of these situations, Entertainment Relay‘s message boards are almost constantly flooded with fan protest and demands for apologies. Though it is understandable that Entertainment Relay is looking for interesting stories, as a news show they still need to report true information. In addition, people have stated that when dealing with serious matters such as these, the MCs should not crack jokes or gossip because it makes them appear uncivilized. Because of these problems, Entertainment Relay is indeed earning a reputation for being a program which reveals information that they collected too hastily and in an incorrect manner.

Now we are living in an era where information can kill a person. Since broadcast stations have the power to spread information, they should be more careful. The MCs and producers also need to act in a more responsible way. Entertainment Relay may laugh and joke about the problems facing JYJ, however offended netizens are far from laughing with them.

Source: Entermedia
Translation by: Yule for TheJYJfiles
Please do not remove without full credits.


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