[NEWS] 120311 Sasaeng Fan Brutality, The Majority of Opinions Side with JYJ

On a survey about the JYJ sasaeng fan violence controversy taken from twitter, 99.56% of people held a negative opinion on sasaeng fans.

On March 7th an SNS analyzing firm took a social consensus on twitter by tweeting and asking people to mention them with who they believed was wrong in the sasaeng fan controversy. They received over 5,375 tweets and the public opinion was a vast majority with 99.56% saying that sasaengs were wrong and 0.44% saying it was JYJ.

The netizens also sent tweets criticizing sasaengs by saying “JYJ sasaeng fans show us a reality of how Korean celebrities basic human rights are being violated every day” and said that the emerging information [about sasaengs] made JYJ seem like the victims.

The sasaeng fan survey held on March 7th was  done by OMS (Opinion Mining System) which is known to use SNS for a hands-on approach to public analyzation.

Source: CBCi
Translation by: Yule for TheJYJfiles
Please do not remove without full credits.


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