[NEWS] Nicole, Han Ji Min, Alex…send condolences to JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun

Many stars are visiting their star brothers, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and actor Park Yoo Hwan to offer their condolences after the death of their father.

On March 15, singers and actors visited the mortuary in Seoul where the Park brothers’ father was placed.

According to an official, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and Kim Jun Su, and actress Song Ji Hyo from C-JeS Entertainment visited the mortuary on the day of the ceremony. Alex, KARA’s Nicole, Oh Seung Hyun, Jung Seok Won, Han Ji Min, Jo Sang Ki, No Min Woo, Kwak Yong Hwan, and Jin Hyuk also visited the mortuary to comfort the Park brothers.

Kim Jae Joong and Kim Jun Su arrived at the mortuary first on March 14 with sorrowful faces. The two stars felt very sorry for the father of their friend’s death.

The Park brothers’ father died on March 14 from a chronic disease. Park Yoo Chun was on his way to Korea after touring Chile and Peru with the group members so he wasn’t able to visit his father on his deathbed.

A spokesperson for the agency says, “Park heard the news as soon as he arrived in Korea and cried a lot with people from the company. He is currently staying at the mortuary of his father.”

Due to Park’s father’s death, the shooting schedule for SBS’s new series Rooftop Price, which will start airing on March 15, is temporarily canceled. Park plays the role of a lead character named Lee Gak in the series.

Source: Starnews

Credit: korea.com

Shared by: iMickyCassie


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