[NEWS] 120315 The effect of Park Yoochun’s ‘Giseumyun’ advertisement – ‘As expected’

Ottugi Giseumyun’s sales index is on a steady rise after the brand was launched last November.

According to Ottugi on March 15, after the release of Giseumyun on November 10 last year, 6 million packets was sold in merely 20 days. Giseumyun’s sales excceeded 7.5 million packets in December and 7 million in January. The highest recorded sales were in February with 8 million packets sold. It is explainable that the sales in January was affected by the Lunar New Year.

Particularly, following the favorable trend of Giseumyun’s sales, after 4 months, sales of all Ottugi’s ramyun increased by 18% in comparison with sales from last year. Precisely, Giseumyun was the main driver of the increase of Ottugi ramyun’s sales.

A representative of Ottugi said ” A superb flavor which was accomplished after a 3-year research and a unique marketing is our key to success in the long run. Not having the typical flavor of ramyun soup, Giseumyun has won over the heart of young women and middle-aged men who like hangover soup by its sharp and spicy taste in the clear broth.”

Source: asiae
Translation by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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