[NEWS] JYJ sues, “Malicious articles are just to harm the members”

A spokesperson for group JYJ announced that they will sue a media outlet who released additional voice files regarding their ‘sasaeng fans.’

A media outlet reported, “The assailant Kim Jae Joong became a victim when media outlets covered their outbursts after certain incidents. His act of violence and violent language are interpreted as self-defense. What is worse is people think that the ‘sasaeng fans’ are not fans so they can be assaulted.”

“Obsessive love from ‘sasaeng fans’ should be blamed. They have to control themselves and reflect on their conduct. But an assailant is not allowed to turn into a victim. Even though they have been hurting a lot of stars, that doesn’t mean they can be violent.”

JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, announced, “Regarding the release of additional voice files of JYJ, we think that the articles are just malicious with the intent to harm the group members, not to give information to the public.”

“We decided to take legal action towards the malicious articles. We already asked our lawyers to write up a defamation complaint and it will be accepted today.”

“Since Park Yoo Chun’s father has passed away, the group members are having a hard time. We can not understand why they are acting like this.” JYJ’s legal agents, Sejong, said, “We think that releasing illegally recorded voice files with a persons real name, without consent from the person is clearly defamation and an invasion of their privacy.”

Source: TV Report
Credit: EnKorea
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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