[NEWS] Rooftop Prince Takes 2nd Place in Ratings For First Episode

MBC‘s new drama ‘The King 2hearts’ had the first laugh in the Wednesday-Thursday drama ratings battle.

According to the ratings information provided by ABG Nielsen Media Research on the 22nd, The 1st episode of ‘The King 2hearts’ aired on the 21st has averaged an impressive 16.2% for its 1st episode, giving the drama the 1st victory of the Wed-Thu ratings battle.

[Parts unrelated to ‘Rooftop Prince’ omitted]

The ratings for other dramas in the same time slot are as followed, SBS’ ‘Rooftop Prince’ averaged a respectable 9.8% for a good start and KBS’ ‘Equator Man’ averaged an okay 7.7%.

The premier of these 3 dramas has garnered lots of attention, because all 3 networks starting new dramas at the same time and for the same time/day slot almost never happens. Add the big names involved in these dramas and the war of the ratings is no understatement.

Source: Herald Biz via Nate
Credit: Kpopfever.com
Shared By: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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