[NEWS] 120323 (Nuclear Summit) First lady to host cultural performances; pop music concert by “JYJ” scheduled


First lady Kim Yoon-ok will host a music concert and other cultural events for the spouses of foreign leaders attending next week’s Nuclear Security Summit, the organizing committee said Friday.

Seventeen spouses are scheduled to travel to Seoul with heads of state and leaders of international organizations for the global conference slated for Monday and Tuesday, according to the committee.

The summit will be one of the largest international events South Korea has ever hosted. Representatives from 58 nations and four international organizations, including 45 heads of state, are expected to attend.

The spouse program will begin Monday with a visit to the National Museum of Korea in central Seoul to view some of the most cherished Korean historic treasures. Later in the day, the spouses will watch a classical music concert performed by some of the country’s young musical prodigies.

On Tuesday, Kim will invite the spouses to the presidential office for a performance, titled “Queen’s Morning,” which will feature “hanbok,” a traditional Korean costume. A pop music concert by boy band “JYJ” and Korean ballad singer Seong Si-kyung is also scheduled for the same day.

“The program (for the spouses) features an array of traditional Korean culture, classical music and Korean pop culture,” an official at the committee said. “Kim has asked the organizers to focus on introducing K-pop stars and young Korean talents.”

Source: English Yonhap News
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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