[NEWS] 120325 Idol Turned Actors, Learn from JYJ’s Yoochun

Yoochun has done it again.

After two episodes of ‘Rooftop Prince,’ he has managed to captivate the viewers’ hearts with his acting skills. His acting is incredibly varied and nuanced for an idol-turned-actor, which is why all idols should learn from him.

For some reason, it has become customary for idols to star in dramas. This is probably due to the subsequent publicity much wanted by the drama crew and the idol’s desire to challenge him or herself with something different.

Perhaps it was natural for their acting to become an issue. Because most of them lack the fundamentals of acting, it makes sense for them to struggle with the task. Many actors in the recent drama “Dream High 2″ had been repeatedly criticized due to their acting.

Contrary to most, Yoochun is successfully fulfilling his role as the male lead in the drama ‘Rooftop Prince.’ From invincible charisma to hilarious comedy, Yoochun is able to pull anything and everything off.

Last week, he had been the desperate Crown Prince who had lost the love of his life due to a mysterious accident. His comic acting has been just as captivating, where he totally drops all the charisma of a noble.

But the highlight of Yoochun’s acting is that it has been evolving continuously. From ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ to ‘Miss Ripley,’ his acting has stabilized dramatically. In ‘Rooftop Prince,’ he has stepped beyond that to show an even more nuanced and detailed acting with much more sophisticated expression of emotions through his lines and facial expressions.

Viewers want to see good acting and the same applies even for idol-actors. Perhaps the stereotype of idol-actors is due to the lack of effort of the actors themselves. If they could just do as much as Yoochun, no one would ever pick on them for being idol-turned-actors.

Credit: mk korea + Kpopstarz
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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