[NEWS] Park Yoo Chun Looks Good Even in Odd Hairstyles

JYJs Park Yoo Chun wrote on his twitter April 4, “Lee Gak Cousin’s Haircut.” With the post he put up a picture of his hairdo. The hair is for his character “Lee Gak” on the drama “Rooftop Prince.”

The hairdo is actually a wig! The picture shows Park Yoo Chun wearing the wig and making a comfortable smile. Despite the odd hairdo his good looks shine through. The picture is funnier because in the back the actor Lee Min Ho can be seen with another wig on, staring down Park Yoo Chun’s camera.

Netizens have commented, “I can’t believe he can do those kind of hairstyles,” “Is he now going to transform into a cool hairdo?” and “Lee Gak has now cut his hair!”

Park Yoo Chun’s character “Lee Gak” on “Rooftop Prince” is the main character. He is a prince that has been transported into the future.

Below is the preview for episode 5:

Credit: Soompi
Video Credit: dotdool
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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