[PHOTOS] 120404 JYJ featured in the Peruvian Magazine “Asia World”


JYJ caused enormous enthusiasm in Lima

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu left their lasting mark in Lima. The big excitement started since they landed in our capital. The airport got crowded with fans waiting for the Korean trio JYJ and Marriot Hotel was besieged by more fans and onlookers who stopped the traffic. Everything was prepared so the concert in the explanada sur del Monumental on 11th of March was a party covered in red, the official colour of the trio.

Many fans arrived a day before the show to camp and get the best location. The morning of the concert day the amount of fans waiting in the queue was impressive. Surprisingly there were also people from neighbour countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. who travelled from that far to see one of the two “In Heaven” shows JYJ is giving in South America (our neighbour country Chile is the other destination chosen by the Koreans).

Screams like crazy, red lights lighting the Explanada Sur del Monumental and the fans’ heartbeats accelerating each minute as the beginning of the concert was getting closer. The fanchants couldn’t be missing in the occasion. With these fanchants, the fans expressed the fanaticism and the passion they feel for the group. Then there was the beginning of the show with an introductory video on the screens.

After starting their performance with the song “Empty”, they talked to the crowd: “Are you ready?”, “thank you”, “in Peru there are very beautiful ladies”, “I love you”, etc were some of the sentences they could pronounce in Spanish without the interpreter’s help. The boys were delighted with our country and they promised they would come back because they had felt at ease with so many signs of love.

Between song and song, they projected videos of their stay at Peru, including the balcony scene at Marriot Hotel, moments which their fans will remember forever.

“In Heaven” was one of the most emotional songs of the night and they seemed to put an end to this historical concert with it. But they came back to the stage because of the constant screams and requests from their fans. They sang a remix of “Empty” and “Get Out” and they even held the Peruvian flag for an instant”.

In the end they said goodbye with a heartfelt “Thank you!” in Spanish. The stage lights turned off and their fans went back home with the joy of having fulfilled their biggest dream. We hope they also return in their next tour.


Source: Asia World
Credit: JYJ Peru Lovers + JYJ Peru Project
Translated by: junmoshi of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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