[UPDATE] 120406 Yoochun Twitter Update

[TRANS] The script that’s dancing with the wind・・you’re also excited [as I am]..^^ pic.twitter.com/GPLh2nFw

[TRANS] @6002themicky: @beyondmonica Ah~~ Coming here after seeing Yoohwan-i, you’re becoming tighter with the sweet ones~^^

[TRANS] @beyondmonica: @6002themicky The moon today is almost totally a super moon!!! I hope you get a lot of blessings under the bright moon, your Highness. Since we’re going to meet “guerilla” style there today, I am even more glad to see you. Haha be strong, aja aja ^_^

[TRANS] @6002themicky: @beyondmonica Hock~ Didn’t you know, I have to take care of Assistant Yongsul’s sword

[TRANS] @beyondmonica: @6002themicky After the two of you finish with your drama, instead of having one round of soju and beer, let’s go have Coconut Time, your Highness.

[TRANS] @6002themicky: @beyondmonica Whoah, whoah! I’ve always told you not to call me ‘Your Highness’… tsk tsk tsk I’m not a double dragon~

[TRANS] @beyondmonica: @6002themicky Bang!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk Nowadays, really, Your Highness is… hurray!!! kkkkkkk

[TRANS] @6002themicky: @beyondmonica Because this body, Double Dragon, has to go to film, let’s meet later. Once my drama finishes, my body will be exhausted, the Dragon will of course die~

[TRANS] @beyondmonica: @6002themicky I spit out my water.. kkkk double dragon kkkk this person, really… kkkk

[TRANS] When I think about it, I heard there’s another Double Dragon in the gallery hahahaha (T/N: I think he’s talking about DC Gallery.:) )

Source: @6002themicky + @beyondmonica
Translated by: @yookcheoni
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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