[TRANS] 120411 Yoochun related in Yoohwan’s Sports Tonga Interview


1) Oh, who is this? It’s the Crown Prince! When I came to the standby room, I saw that my brother has arrived. Although we live together, we hardly see each other since we’ve been so busy. Roof Top Prince was shooting its scenes at Incheon so they came to our filming site. The day he came, Roof Top Prince has just won the first place in its ratings so his smile was so big that his lips almost pulled all the way up to his ears.

2) ‘Park Family’, our staffs. My brother’s staffs and mine overlap. Having been with them for more than a year, they often stay at our house if the filming ends late at night. It’s like a sports team, ha.

T/N: Watch the Pics of Yuchun and Yoohwan here

Source: Sports Tonga via Nate
Credit: yujini Weibo
Translated by: Mandragore of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3  + iMickyCassie


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