[NEWS] 120413 Is the Yellow Butterfly the Answer to ′Rooftop Prince′ Riddle?

The reappearance of the riddle – ‘What dies when it’s alive and is alive even when it dies?’ – has piqued the curiosity of the Rooftop Prince viewers.

In the April 12 broadcast of SBS’ Rooftop Prince, crown prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) became aware of the possible connection between Park Ha and Bu Yong (Lee Gak’s sister-in-law from his previous life in Joseon).

During the episode, the audience witnessed Lee Gak and Park Ha’s impromptu trip to Chuncheon with just a childhood picture as their guide.

Although they found the elementary school that Park attended as a child thanks to the help of a photo studio, Park Ha’s name was nowhere to be found in the school registry. They later found out that Park Ha’s childhood name was Park In Joo from President Jang, Park Ha’s biological mother.

Turning towards a sullen Park Ha, Lee Gak asked, “Is that your real name? How do you write your name in Chinese characters?” After learning of her Chinese character name, Lee Gak explained, “Your name signifies a lotus and a lotus is also known as ‘Bu Yong,’” recalling his sister-in-law from his previous life.

Then, Lee Gak asked Park Ha the same riddle he had asked Bu Yong many years ago. However, unlike Bu Yong who had answered correctly, Park Ha said, “Life, because living is not really living. We are all in a vegetative state.”

After the broadcast, viewers tried to play the role of ‘Rooftop Prince CSI experts’ and took a stab at solving the riddle.

One viewer said, “The answer [to the riddle] is Bu Yong. Not only is Han Ji Min’s name Bu Yong, the (Bu Yong) lotus blooms in the morning and withers at night.”

Another viewer said, “The correct answer is a butterfly. A caterpillar hardens into chrysalis and turns into a butterfly. The caterpillar lives a busy life but his transformation into a butterfly signifies that it dies when it is still live and is alive even when it dies.”

Previously on the drama, the yellow butterfly that was woven into Bu Yong’s veil was brought to life with Lee Gak’s tears and 300 years later, the same yellow butterfly linked Lee Gak with Yong Tae Yong in America. As such, the butterfly appears to be the answer to Lee Gak’s riddle.

Viewers are wondering when Lee Gak will finally discover Bu Yong’s reincarnation as Park Ha and how he will solve the secret of the yellow butterfly.

Source: enewsworld
Shared By: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie

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