[NEWS] 120413 Who Knew Yoochun Could Be This Comical in ‘Rooftop Prince!’

JYJ’s Yoochun wasn’t expected to do well from historical, melodramatic even to comical role.

It seems he is showing an outstanding performance in his excursion into acting despite the fact that his full-time job is singing.
SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’ that stars Yoochun as the leading actor is ranking first in ratings beating out their rival MBC ‘The King 2 Hearts’ from April 5. Yoochun is definitely the driving force of the popularity for ‘Rooftop Prince.’

In the drama he is casted as Prince Lee Gak who travels 300 years to Seoul as he adjusts to the modern 21st century. It is a difficult role as there are some scenes that can cause embarrassment for being too exaggerated and caricatured images however Yoochun has managed to be natural and receive praise through this role.

The drama’s view board is posted with comments on his excellent acting skills, “He’s comic acting is the best,” His comic flair is truly funny,” “The drama is able to continue on due to this excellent acting.”

In reality there weren’t many who were counting on Yoochun to perform a comical character so well. It’s that through his activities in JYJ, he had a strong image as an idol and his prior roles in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ to ‘Miss Ripley’ also were showing a similar image.

Furthermore as he experienced the grief of losing his father there were some staff that worried whether he can carry out the comical flair of Lee Gak. However it seems such worries turned out to be utterly groundless.

‘Rooftop Prince’ staff members shared, “We had some worries since the character is far off from reality as a prince of Choseon dynasty to time travel to modern era, however he is showing such a natural personality. Due to his relatable acting the viewers are feeling a sense of closeness to Lee Gak’s character which is noticeable in the rating.”

According to the staff Yoochun is also the person who brings vibrant personality on the set.

C-JeS Entertainment shared, “Yoochun and his drama is being searched in real-time not only in Korea but also in Japan, China, Western Europe and South America as well. As his likeability is increasing we are in the middle of discussing several additional commercial shootings as well.”

Credit: Kpopstarz
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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