[NEWS] 120413 JYJ fans’ voting participation final confirmation: 1580 votes- Mayor Park Won Soon “moved”

“I’m moved. Great notion coming from the heart of fans, I cheer for them.”

Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon was touched by JYJ fans’ notion.

On the 12th, upon seeing JYJ fans’ final confirmation proof of voting, the mayor went on his personal twitter (@wonsoonpark) and wrote similar words of his impression of JYJ fans’ response to voting.

It all started when Kim Jaejoong wrote on his personal twitter the day before the election, “Everyone please vote during the general election and take a proof shot afterwards please~^^”-encouraging people to vote.

On the 12th there were a total of 1580 proof shots of fans who voted within the two days. On the 11th, 600 voted and that number more than doubled the next day.

“We voted on the 11th and along with the voting stamp that was on the back of our hands, @saku_hera and I took a proof shot with JYJ’s First Worldwide album. We root for JYJ’s 2nd Worldwide Album~” (@100thexxx)

Such spontaneity from JYJ fans such as the ones from above led many to upload proof shots on SNS and other Internet cafes. With such shots, a final mosaic of all the proof shots was made.

“On various television broadcast stations JYJ’s fans were soon given the slogan ‘the perfect notion of true/mindful fans’

“Everyone, you are all truly citizens of the Republic of South Korea~ I am touched…!”

It wasn’t just JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong that was touched by the fans’ notion. Once photos and articles of the fans’ proof shots of voting became known, the thoughtful voting touched Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon as well as various well-known stars and twitter users.

Source: Oh My News
Translated by: Buniu of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not modify the credits 


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