[NEWS] 120501 Park Yoo Chun Involved in A Minor Car Accident on April 26th

Park Yoochun was involved in a car accident on April 26th, at 1AM. At that time, he was on a minivan exclusive for his use and with his manager as the driver. The minivan’s front end collided with the rear end of a truck in front and the minivan’s front end was crashed badly. The reason for this car accident was the manager’s fatigue driving. At the time of the accident, Park Yoochun was sitting on the front passenger seat. His neck and waist hurt a bit but because of his hectic schedule, he went directly to shoot his TV drama instead of going to the hospital. People from the TV drama said that Park Yoochun and his fellow actors hardly have 2 hours of sleep each day and was forcing through the shooting schedule like having it live on TV. All the managers have been suffering with the actors so they were all in an exhausted state. After finishing shooting on 26th morning, Park Yoochun attended the 48th Paeksang Arts Awards. Since his minivan was crashed, he took the minivan of his fellow member, Kim JaeJoong.

Cjes said that, “Till now, Park Yoochun has not been able to get a checkup at the hospital. Although he himself said that it’s ok but we have already made an appointment with the hospital. As soon as he has time, he will go to the hospital for a detailed checkup. This is not a very serious situation. Fans do not need to worry.”

Credit: Nate + yujuni Weibo (Korean to Chinese)
Translated by: mandragore of JYJ3

Shared By: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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