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[VIDEO] 120630 JYJ Rocks Japanese Fans in Korea (English Version!)


Up to 7000 Japanese fans toured an exhibition by their idol K-Pop star group JYJ on Friday.

The week long JYJ event was staged by C-JES Entertainment and held at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention centre.

Organisers said that of the 15,000 Japanese JYJ fans that had applied for the chance to meet their idols, only about half made the shortlist.An additional 15,000 South Korean fans will get the chance to join the party and attend fan meetings as well.

The Japanese fans saw videos and photos of JYJ members and took part in special events over the weekend, such as fan meetings.JYJ only held two concerts in 2011 in Japan which were not open to the press.

On JYJ members held an opening ceremony and news conference.

The original five-member boyband TVXQ split after the three members now known as JYJ.

There three members, Mickey, Hero, and Xia that form JYJ since their split with SM Entertainment.

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[NEWS] 120629 ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ to be held annually

On June 28, President at C-JeS Entertainment Baek Chang-joo stated at the “2012 JYJ Membership Week” that the 3.7 billion won event would be held annually.

“This kind of long-term investment will help increase fan loyalty and JYJ’s brand value. The content targeting Korean Wave fans needs to be diversified, breaking from the current performance-centered form. It should no more be compulsory service and become opportunities to truly communicate with fans,” said the president at the JYJ’s agency.

The “2012 JYJ Membership Week” does not aim to create revenue. The exhibition will take place at the SETEC in Seoul until July 1st. 15,000 Korean members and 7,024 Japanese members who won the drawing last month will enter the hall without admission fees.


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[NEWS] 120628 JYJ’s Jaejoong updates fans on Yoochun’s eye infection


JYJ‘s Jaejoong has updated fans on the condition of fellow member Yoochun‘s eye infection.

Jaejoong took to his Twitter and wrote, “For JYJ membership week, the C-jes family worked really hard; fans, please enjoy to your heart’s content~. Although I felt very bad for Yoochun after seeing his [swollen] face today, he was smiling widely while watching the exposition [progress]~. Don’t worry too much ^^.”

Along with the tweet, Jaejoong uploaded a picture of himself and fellow member Junsu standing in front of a huge JYJ poster. The event at which the picture was taken was at the ‘JYJ Membership Week’ exposition organized by JYJ and C-Jes Entertainment.

During this event, we reported that Yoochun did not take questions from reporters. It has been revealed that the reason behind this is because Yoochun caught an eye infection, and as a result his face became swollen. Specifically, Yoochun seems to have an acute case of conjunctivitis, also known as the pink eye or Apollo eye, caused by internal bleeding. It is a common eye infection, which induces a stinging kind of pain.

Due to these events, it seems that Jaejoong found it necessary to communicate to his fans about Yoochun’s health and his thoughts concerning the exposition.

Fans who read the tweet replied, “So Park Yoochun-ssi had conjunctivitis,” “I like that Jaejoong-ssi [took the time to] deliver this piece of news to us like that,” and, “Even though you probably caught the eye infection after working so hard, [please] get well soon.”

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[NEWS] 120629 JYJ and Agency Receives Zero Profit From Its JYJ Member Expo


JYJ revealed how much profit it will make from its JYJ fan expo.

With over 20,000 fans taking part in JYJ’s four-day long fan-oriented expo, many would have thought the trio and its agency would be making big bucks, but the agency revealed zero profit will be made from the expo.

JYJ’s ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ kicked off on June 28 at Seoul’s EC with some 15,000 Korean and 7,024 Japanese fans attending.

For the four-day long festivities, about 3.7 billion won was invested in by JYJ and its agency but has foregone any profits as C-Jes’ head, Baek Chang Joo revealed, “We eliminated the commercial aspect. Though we won’t get any profits right away we think of the money put in as an investment.”

He added, “If we were thinking about profits, this event would have not even entered our minds. But it’s not an event we created in the expectations of receiving anything. This is purely a ‘fan service’ that we thought of six months ago to return all the love JYJ has received so far.”

The expo will last until July 1 and includes fan meetings with JYJ’s members, chat session, photo exhibition and more.

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