[NEWS] 120604 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Lee Taesung: “Park Yoochun, a friend who is in tune well with me.”

Actor Lee Taesung mentioned of his co-star Park Yoochun who has acted in SBS TV Wed-Thurs drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ (script-writer: Lee Heemyung, director: Shin Yoonseob – An Gilho).

On June 4, in an interview with TV Reporter at a cafe located in Sinsa-dong Kangnam-gu Seoul, Lee Taesung has answered “Certainly.” to the question “Are you and Park Yoochun really close in real life?”.

Lee Taesung said “I officially met Park Yoochun-sshi for the first time in ‘Rooftop Prince’ but he has become a friend who is in tune well with me. With only a few words, we can understand what the other means and our way of thinking is similar too”. Furthermore, “Because of the shooting, we see each other more often than we see our parents”, Lee Taesung amusingly expressed the reason why they can’t help but became close.

Then, he continued “Until now, I have met a lot of male actors but finding someone who has mutual understanding with me is not easy. When shooting together, the actors become friends quickly but also become more distant easily later. However, Park Yoochun’s case is different.”

In particular, Lee Taesung revealed “Today is Yoochun-sshi’s birthday but as he is now in Bali for a photoshoot, I have sent him a ‘Happy birthday’ message”. He added “Through a few text messages with him, I knew all his schedules”. The relationship between him and Park Yoochun becomes stronger and stronger even after ‘Rooftop Prince’.

Also, Lee Taeseung cannot forget other actor and actresses he met in ‘Rooftop Prince’. When talking about the cast of ‘Rooftop Prince’, he complimented “Before going to the filming set, I have prepared myself to face some discords that might happen because of people’s different tendencies but all the cast are so friendly and sociable so the shooting went really well.”

In the drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ which has ended on May 24, Lee Taesung acted as Yong Taemoo who was originally bright and had good manners but in order to protect his place, he has committed evil deeds without hesitation and formed a fierce rivalry with Lee Gak, which was played by Park Yoochun.

Source: TV Report via Nate
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter or remove the credits.


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