[NEWS] 120622 JYJ Indonesia, Fanbase that Loves to Donate

Jakarta – JYJ Fanbase in Indonesia, JYJ Indonesia, was formed at the beginning of 2011. Since parting with TVXQ, JYJ just went back to music industry in the middle of 2010.

JYJ Indonesia was established on January 22th, 2011 by 6 fans. From those 6 fans, there are ones who have idolized JYJ since they were still with TVXQ so they are considered as the mediator between JYJ and TVXQ fans who often argues.

“At first JYJ Indonesia was formed to help promote JYJ related stuff, including concert details, because at that time there were no media for JYJ fans,” said one of the admins in JYJ Indonesia, Mira Ammalia, to detikHOT recently.

“There are admins who are fans since TVXQ era, there are also admins who are only fans of JYJ. Because there were no fanbase for JYJ at that time, and there were too many fanwar between TVXQ and JYJ fans, we decided to create this fanbase. The purpose is as a media for JYJ fans and to lessen the amount of fanwar,” Mira said.

JYJ Indonesia’s activities are not much different from other fanbases. However, there is something remarkable from JYJ Indonesia. It holds donation projects many times already. In fact, they donate to celebrate JYJ members’ birthday.

“We rarely hold big gathering, usually we just hang out together every week. We have three projects annually, during JYJ members’ birthday. Usually we celebrate their birthday with donation,” she said.

There are some projects that they have done so far. They celebrated Yoochun’s birthday with Cassiopeia INA in a orphanage on June 2011. Then, Junsu’s birthday was celebrated with international project, Mango Tree Project. Money from donation were collected to plant mango trees in Africa.

Lastly, they sent rice to orphanages to welcome Junsu’s coming to Indonesia. Junsu successfully held his concert Tarantallegra at June 9 [T/N it should be June 16].

“The rice project was successful. We collected 250 kg of rice which were sent to orphanages. However we didn’t take photos because we were in rush,” said Mira.

Do you want to join JYJ Indonesia?

Twitter: @JYJIndonesia
Blog: http://jyjindonesia.wordpress.com/

Source: DetikHOT
English Translation Credit: Shandy @JYJIndonesia

Shared by: JYJ3  + iMickyCassie


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