[VIDEO] 120630 JYJ Rocks Japanese Fans in Korea (English Version!)


Up to 7000 Japanese fans toured an exhibition by their idol K-Pop star group JYJ on Friday.

The week long JYJ event was staged by C-JES Entertainment and held at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention centre.

Organisers said that of the 15,000 Japanese JYJ fans that had applied for the chance to meet their idols, only about half made the shortlist.An additional 15,000 South Korean fans will get the chance to join the party and attend fan meetings as well.

The Japanese fans saw videos and photos of JYJ members and took part in special events over the weekend, such as fan meetings.JYJ only held two concerts in 2011 in Japan which were not open to the press.

On JYJ members held an opening ceremony and news conference.

The original five-member boyband TVXQ split after the three members now known as JYJ.

There three members, Mickey, Hero, and Xia that form JYJ since their split with SM Entertainment.

Credit: NTDTV
Shared By: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie



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