[TRANS] 120625 Hayato’s Blog Update: “Their sadness is also…incomparable to mine”

Incomparable to mine

The attack I got from antis was as brash as (sorry for the bad word)… Die Hayato…
It’s better if you were killed by the tsunami… it fired up my eyes

At one time last year, these type of words were left at the comment section and this type of enumeration continued (of course it was set as private) (t/n: if you ever commented on Hayato-san’s blog, he always kept the comment as private for him to filter before it appears on the blog)

But, I wasn’t badly hurt by the anti’s words, instead it was the words coming from JYJ fans which pierced through my chest… Depression… I even thought of closing down the blog

And then, the warm supporting words…that had given strength to the depressed me

Words of those anti’s heart that the three of them had to face…rumors…the amount that they had are incomparable to mine

But, the bond between them is deep… Their bond is stronger when the big tides came

At the time when Yoochun lost his father, Jaejoong and Junsu had came together and shared the sadness…and then the sasaeng problem, the three of had stick together and overcome it together

These kind of guys who could never hurt each other…because the three of them need each other

And also, I could say that they had been able to overcome it all due to the love from C-Jes and all of you… sticking together with them, how much had that encouraged them through it all

For each and everything that pops out, they needed each other, they respect each other…parts where they were hurt, their bond got stronger

If (things are) tearing them apart, that will only solidify their unity

But, I feel like they are now in a very deep sadness…or am I thinking too much?

Spreading rumors among fans…hurting each other…What I’m worried about is the change of antis of JYJ fans…Did you all do the same vulgar things those antis did?

Why…can’t you fully believe them?

Their sadness is also…incomparable to mine

Image Credit: Hayato’s Blog
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie

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