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[VIDEOS+TRANS] 120830+120903 Yoochun At KBS Seoul International Drama Awards 2012!


(Seoul Drama Awards 2012 Keyword)

2.Park Yuchun

caption: Looks like that person has come

caption: The man who is sorry to be popular, Park Yuchun

At the Seoul Drama Awards 2012, there is [Park Yuchun]

PD: Who did you come to see?
Fans: Park Yuchun!

Fan: I came from China
PD: Your Korean is good, are you really Chinese?
Fan: Yes, I am. I learnt hard because of Park Yuchun.

Regardless of national boundaries and age, fans are gathered solely for the common feature that is ‘Park Yuchun’

PD: How much do you love Park Yuchun?
Fan: Look~ I came dressed just like him, right?
(caption: pride explosion!)
It’s the same outfit as the one he wore in Shanghai Fanmeeting.

Even the passion to match his clothes!

caption: Park Yuchun’s charm
Superior acting
Perfect singing ability
Fan: First, he’s very handsome, nice and is a good actor and singer.

PD: What do you like so much about him?
Fan: Everything (is attractive about him) !

Fans: Park Yuchun oppa, we love you!
Yuchun oppa, we love you!
Park Yuchun, we love you!

Park Yuchun who gathers such fans differed with his entrance with screams by his international fans.

He doesn’t forget his fans from the 2nd floor.
caption: scrupulous fan-service!

Yuchun (inside bubble): Hi~!
Fans: kyak! ack~! wow! kyaa~

Fans don’t know how to react

Then, was Seoul Drama Awards 2012 Park Yuchun Day?

caption: For 2 years in a row, he was awarded the Netizen Popularity Award
This day, Park Yuchun took the Popularity Award chosen by netizens from all over the world with a high difference of votes.

caption: Park Yuchun’s popularity secret?
1. Handsome
2. Acting skills
3. Fans
Fans: kyaaaaaa~
Yuchun: I think for 1. and 2. I still need to work harder in the future so I think it’s the third one.

That’s not all. The drama Rooftop Prince has won 3 awards in total including Best Hallyu Drama and Best Hallyu Actor and he has showed his best hallyu star’s force.
caption: Netizen Popularity Award
Best Hallyu Drama
Best Hallyu Actor
3 awards accomplishment

F3: Crown Prince~~~!

GakHa: I shall promise that we will stay together forever.

08.25 Park Yuchun Shanghai Fanmeeting
Meanwhile, Park Yuchun is planning to genuinely have his Asia fanmeeting tour which started recently in Shanghai.

caption: Park Yuchun is in the midst of his Asia Fanmeeting Tour
Yuchun: I sincerely love you a lot, thank you.

We will expect more handsome activities from you!

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1:26: Really thank you. Got to meet many people and film diligently together, it’s really an honour. To Jimin-noona who is sitted next to me and the director who always shows me his tears whenever we meet, really thank you again. Also thanks to my family who’s here. And the one who would definitely have watched but left without being able to… I really want to share with/show my father this honour….. I’ll work harder and become an outstanding PYC, please love me like now. Thank you.
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[NEWS] 120830 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Thanks Fans At Seoul Drama Awards


Singer and actor Park Yoo Chun recently thanked his fans for their support.

On August 30, Park received the People’s Choice Prize for SBS’s series Rooftop Prince at ‘The 7th Seoul International Drama Awards,’ which was held at the Seoul National Theater in Korea.

When Park was asked if he checks comments written by his fans, he made people laugh by replying, “I try not to check.”

Then the MC for the ceremony asked him, “What kind of comment would you prefer to receive? One, you’re handsome. Two, you’re a genius actor. Three, I’m your fan forever.” Park answered, “I would like to receive number three.”

Park also thanked his fans saying, “Thank you for choosing me this year again. I know that voting is not as easy as we think. Thank you for always supporting me. I will work harder in the future.”

Besides Park, Nicky Wu from China and Zhang Jia Yu from Taiwan also received the People’s Choice Prize at the ceremony.


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[NEWS] 120830 Park Yoo Chun And Han Ji Min Are Awarded With The Best Hallyu Actor Awards


The two main actors of Rooftop Prince, Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min, have been awarded with the Best Hallyu Actor and Actress Awards of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2012.

On August 30, the 7th Seoul International Drama Awards was held at the Korean National Theater in Seoul.

Park Yoo Chun was awarded with the Best Hallyu Actor Award and said, “It was lucky for me to work with Rooftop Prince. I want to glorify this moment to my father, whom passed away without watching the series, although I really wanted him to. I’ll work harder and become a better Park Yoo Chun, so please stay with me.” He showed tears when he mentioned his father.

Han Ji Min said, “I believe this award is given by many fans of the series who supported it with love. This award reminds me of staff who worked so hard on the set. I promise to become a better actress who seeks for improvement and growth.”

In addition to the Best Hallyu Actor Award, Park received The People’s Choice Award as well.

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[NEWS] 120830 JYJ’s Yoochun Dedicates Award To His Late Father At ’2012 Seoul Drama Awards’


On August 30th, JYJ‘s Yoochun received the ‘Outstanding Hallyu Drama Male Actor Award’ at KBS‘s ‘2012 Seoul Drama Awards‘ for his performance on SBS drama ’Rooftop Prince‘.

Yoochun saddened viewers when he stated with a hint of tears in his eyes, “I am glad to have received an award for such a great drama. I want to dedicate this award to my father, who was not able to watch“.

Yoochun’s father unfortunately passed away this past March. Yoochun participated in filming ‘Rooftop Prince’ after the funeral service.

In addition to the ‘Outstanding Hallyu Drama Male Actor Award’, Yoochun also received the ‘Netizen Popularity Award’.


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[NEWS] 120829 JYJ’s Yoochun Looks Like A Comic Book Character At His Shanghai Fan Meeting


Photos of JYJ‘s Yoochun at his latest Shanghai fan meeting have been revealed.

On August 28th, photos were posted on JYJ’s official Facebook page with the words, “Park Yoochun’s Asia Fan Meeting Tour Shanghai fan meeting has been completed. It has been said that a joyful day was spent thanks to the warm cheers from the Shanghai fans. Please anticipate the Shenzhen fan meeting too!”

Yoochun’s solo Shanghai fan meeting took place back on August 25th at the Mercedez Benz Arena.

In the photos, Yoochun flaunted his ‘manjjitnam’ charms with his bright smile. ‘Manjjitnam’ is a shortened term used to describe boys who appear to have been ripped right out of a comic book. In May, Yoochun topped an online ‘manjjitnam’ survey and his photos from the fan meeting confirmed his ‘manjjitnam’ status.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “I feel as if my eyes have been cleansed” “I’m jealous of his Chinese fans” and “Total prince-like pose“.

Meanwhile Yoochun plans to continue on his Asia fan meeting tour by visiting Shenzhen (China), Taiwan, and Thailand in September.


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[FACEBOOK] 120828 JYJ Official Facebook Update – Yoochun

Yuchun just had a fan meeting tour at Shanghai.

He said he had great time with his Shanghai fan and appreciate them with their great support to him.

You may look forward to his next Fan meeting tour at Shenzhen, too !



박유천, 상해 팬미팅 성황리 ‘개최’..인기 이 정도였어?

박유천의 아시아 팬미팅 투어 상해 팬미팅이 성료 되었습니다. 상해팬들의 뜨거운 응원에 행복한 하루를 보냈다고 합니다. 심천 팬미팅도 많은 기대 부탁드려요!!


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