[NEWS] 120802 JYJ Sues Dispatch For Defamation Of Character


After creating controversy with the release of their report and audio files detailing the alleged swearing and violence against sasaeng fans by the JYJ members, Dispatch has been sued by JYJ for defamation of character.

According to reports that have surfaced, JYJ’s representatives are said to have filed a lawsuit against Dispatch asking for 100 million KRW (~$88,355 USD) on August 1st KST. It is also reported that they have demanded that Dispatch take down the audio files and their article, or be fined with 3 million KRW (~$2,650 USD) each day that the media outlet does not comply. One report also mentioned that the representatives stated that Dispatch had threatened to release more reports if they were not granted an exclusive interview.

JYJ’s legal team stated, “Publicly revealing an illegally recorded audio file without confirming with those involved first and revealing their real names is considered to be defamation of character and a violation of privacy.”

“We had previously filed a criminal case back in March. However, after discussion, we thought that a civil lawsuit was a better fit, and thus retracted the previous lawsuit and refiled again.”

Source + Photo: Star News, VOP
Creddit: allkpop
Shared: iMickyCassie


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