[NEWS] 120910 Yoochun Featured On Hongkong Newspaper : Micky Meets His Fans In Shenzhen


[TRANS] Micky meets his fans in Shenzhen

Big white worlds on black banner: Roll eyes in excitement

Black words on yellow banner: Exuberating too much hotness, armpits wet!
Left-hand side big picture caption: Micky is so hot that his armpits are sweating
Roll eyes picture caption: Micky rolls eyes to entertain the fans
Restaurant picture caption: Restaurant staff sneaked a photo of Micky, boss found out and “lectured him”

The day before, member of Korean group JYJ – Micky held a fanmeeting in Shenzhen. He performed the rolling of eyes to entertain his fans. Micky, whose popularity rose to greater heights after his drama “Rooftop Prince” attracted many Hong Kong fans to his fanmeeting in Shenzhen. The hot weather cause high temperature in the venue. Plus spirits are high. So even though Micky changed 2 sets of clothes, he keeps wiping his sweat and sweat spots are seen at the armpit areas of his long-sleeved shirts.

Re-act out drama scenes, feed fans whip cream

In the 2hrs long FM, Micky re-act out scenes from “Rooftop Prince”, feeding fans whipped cream, competing with them in games, giving out prizes, having photos taken together with the winners, delighting fans present. When requested to “perform” “rolling his eyes”, he spontaneously and gladly do so, making everyone LOL! He also proclaimed that he loves the fans in China and promised that he will return to China after his Asia FM has come to an end.
At the end, as a gift from the cfans to him, a video of their encouragements to him was aired.

Staff sneaked photo, Xiao Fei lectured

Micky went to a restaurant owned by the husband (Wang Xiao Fei) of famous Taiwanese host (Xiao-S) and he was full of praises for the Gong Bao chicken dish (diced chicken stirfry with dried chilli). A staff of the restaurant secretly took a photo of Micky and uploaded on his weibo account. When Wang Xiao Fei saw it, he left a comment to “lecture” the staff telling him that if he asked to take a photo with Micky, he will gladly agree, don’t sneak a photo, and it is part of giving good service. Yesterday, a large group of fans went to see Micky off at the airport but failed. It is rumored that he has gone to Hong Kong for vacation.

Credit : naicha_kun
Translated by: fluffmyun
Compiled and arranged by: parksheena6004
Shared by : JYJ3
Re-up by: iMickyCassie


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