[INTERVIEW] 120921 Park Yoochun Interview with SINA: Solo Activities + JYJ

Sina: How do you feel about coming to Shanghai for your solo stage? What is the difference between performing on your own and in a group?

Yoochun: I’ve just realized that it’s been a year and a half since I last came to Shanghai. I have been very busy in Korea and didn’t realize it’s been that long. My first thought is that ‘it’s really been a long time since I met with Chinese fans’. I knew that there were a lot of fans waiting for me at the airport and I would really like to greet the fans. However, because of security issues, I chose the VIP passage. I hope to have a nice chat with the fans during this fan meeting.
I feel greater pressure going on stage by myself than being with my members but other than being alone backstage, there isn’t much difference.

Sina: Now that there are more and more solo activities among the JYJ members, you should have been quite used to being alone without your members around?

Yoochun: Although there are more solo activities, we still filmed CF and participated in activities together. We would also go to the filming sites or performing venues to support each other. Since these are solo activities within a group, I have never felt alone. I have always felt close with my members.

Sina: The recently ended ‘Roof Top Prince’ has earned you greater popularity and your acting has received praises. How would you score your performance in that drama? Why?

Yoochun: It’s hard to say. I think there will be few people that can grade their acting A+. In fact, when I was filming, I was happy and comfortable with myself and did not have much regrets. Therefore, I think that as long as I felt good, no matter how my acting was, I knew that I was comfortable with my performance in this work.

Sina: Both ‘Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal’ and ‘Roof Top Prince’ are historical dramas. What is the difference between the two performances? With your previous experience of ‘Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal’, did you think you were able to take charge of the work better? Which scene is the most unforgettable?

Yoochun: At first, I also thought that both dramas were historical dramas so I would be able to use what I have learned in Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal in Roof Top Prince. However, when I started filming, I realized that the two characters were completely different. Lee Sun Joon has to talk like a scholar while as Lee Gak was a crown prince who traveled to the modern days, his tone of speech is firmer and tougher. So other than historical dramas, the two characters have diverse personalities, similar to the complex characters in modern dramas. But it was indeed easier for me to adapt myself to the drama because of my previous experience. Hanbok seemed more comfortable. I felt more comfortable with hair buns and multilayered Hanboks.

Sina: From SKKS to RTP, the dramas you were in received a lot of attention and you are the most successful idol turned actor. What do you think of your acting career? From SKKS to RTP, in what way have you improved?

Yoochun: The greatest improvement is my eyes and visions looking into the camera. Before, I used to look at only an eye of my fellow actor/actress in order to show the best looking angle of myself for the camera. As I went back and watched how I looked in SKKS, I realized that my visions at that time were not stable. When a person expresses himself or herself wholehearted, he or she should be looking into both of the other’s eyes. I didn’t do this well in the previous works. I really hope that if I have the opportunity, I can continue acting and learn.

Sina: You have portrayed a scholar with stiff personality and also a hilarious noble prince. Which character are you more similar to in your real life?

Yoochun: They have different personalities so it is difficult to choose one. Um…both characters are those who cannot show their true hearts under pressure and this is very similar to my situation. As I am an entertainer, there are things that I can’t directly express or show.

Sina: Park Min Young, Lee Da Hae, Han Jin Min are among the most popular actresses in Korea. Are you stressed while acting with them? Whom do you feel most comfortable with? Can you use a sentence to describe the three of them?

Yoochun: I am about the same age as Min Young and I felt comfortable filming with her. But since SKKS was my first TV drama, I did not have the energy to spare on how well or not I worked with her as I was nervous throughout all the scenes. When I was filming ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’ with sunbaes, Kim Seung-woo and Kang Hye Jung, I was also very nervous at the beginning. But they took great care of me and gave me a lot of help. I was really grateful to them. The one that I have the deepest impression is indeed RTP. We were able to work well with each other and had a lot of fun filming. I still feel amazed now. Han Jin Mee is about the same age with other actors so filming with her was comfortable and very pleasant so I have to say that I had the best connection with her. Although the filming schedules were really tight, she never complained and she took care of all the other actors.

Sina: Have you prepared anything special for the Chinese fans at this fan meeting?

Yoochun: I would talk with the fans about my stories and experience filming the dramas and I have also prepared activities to interact with the fans. I would also sing ‘That Song’ (a song that I like) for them, which I have sang for fans before. This time, I have particularly chosen this song for the Chinese fans.

Sina: What is your impression of the Chinese fans?

Yoochun: China is a big country. It is difficult for me to put the Chinese fans into a stereotype. But I think that they are passionate and energetic. It’s this passion that makes China the second place in this year’s Olympic (laughs).

Sina: Your brother, Park Yoo Hwan, has acted several characters. Will you discuss about the characters? You have less time seeing each other, don’t you?

Yoochun: I am gratified and proud of his success. My mother is especially happy for him too. Now that both of us are busy filming, we can’t go home very often. But she can see us acting in the TV and so, she is happy.

Sina: Is there anything that you would like to say to the Chinese fans?

Yoochun: It’s been a long time since I last visited China. I know that you have watched RTP on the internet. Although I’m not able to meet with you very often, I’m always thankful for your support. You have given me a lot of strength. I have prepared events and activities for this fan meeting. I hope that we can able to talk more and have an unforgettable time together.

Sina: Have you watched your friend, Kim Jae Joong, in ‘Dr. Jin’? What would you say about his acting?

Yoochun: Of course, I did. I was really surprised. This was his first historical drama but he was able to portray the character really well. When we met, we talked about the drama and I greatly praised his acting with his eyes and how he expressed his feelings.

Sina: Junsu has good results in the field of musical. Do you give advice concerning the performances to each other when you meet in private?

Yoochun: I did go to see Junsu’ musical to support him. Rather than giving advice, I listened to his complaints and chatted with him.

Sina: It’s been a long time since your last release of an album. Do you have any plans of an album or concerts with them?

Yoochun: We haven’t decided yet but we are always preparing ourselves. Because the fans are looking forward to our albums, we would repay them with a very good album. Concert tours are also in discussion but there’s nothing confirmed yet.

Sina: Do you get together often in private? Discussing about work or?

Yoochun: It can’t be always about work, mostly about how we are doing recently. We’d ask about how we’ve been recently, play games together or chat online. Ha ha! Um…but as I can remember, we did spend a lot of time talking about work.

Sina: Other than the other two members in JYJ, who is your best celebrity friend?

Yoochun: Recently, I have been seeing Tae Sung Hyung a lot, whom I filmed Rooftop Prince with. He is really kind and friendly.

[T/N: Only the interview part is translated. Other parts refer to his past in TVXQ, his career in singing, his career in acting, his relationship with his fellow members and also some of his words he said before to his fans (most of which we have read before).]

Source: SINA.cn
Translated By: Mandragore of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie





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