[NEWS] 120925 Park Yoochun, Casting Confirmation in “I Miss You”

[Summary] Park Yoochun, Casting Confirmation in “I Miss You”, Follow-up of “Arang”.. Transformation into Homicide Detective

Park Yoochun will appear in MBC Wed-Thurs drama “I Miss You”.

On the 25th, his management company C-JeS expressed, “Park Yoochun is confirmed for the role of Han Jungwoo in drama ‘I Miss You’, which will be aired in the beginning of November. He will officially be involved in filming preparation.”

In the drama, Han Jungwoo is a homicide detective who possesses a pleasant personality and is thick-skinned, he preciously hides his longing for a girl, and is a devil-like role where he hunts down criminals in a beastly manner. It is expected that he will once again capture females’ hearts.

Source: mosen
Translated by: maettugi via 暖日呀呀

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[NEWS] 120925 JYJ Park Yoo Chun Set to Return to TV Drama With ‘I Miss You’

After weeks of discussion, Park Yoo Chun has officially signed on to shoot his follow-up drama.

C-Jes Entertainment confirmed on September 25 Park Yoo Chun’s addition to the cast of the new MBC drama, I Miss You.

The confirmation comes after weeks of speculation and Park Yoo Chun will be playing the drama’s male lead character, Han Jung Woo.

The drama revolves around a guy and a girl, who both experiences a painful end to their first loves at the tender age of 15. Park Yoo Chun’s character is described as a brazen and talented investigator.

The agency added, “The talented Park Yoo Chun, who has previously displayed his well acting and star quality, will show another great transformation to viewers.”

I Miss You is expected to premiere in November on MBC.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment
Credit: Enewsworld

[NEWS] 120925 Park Yuchun to Return to Small Screen with New MBC Drama – via Kstar10

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