[NEWS] 121107 JYJ Park Yoo Chun to Become a Hot Knitting Instructor

He sings, he acts, and now he knits.

Participating in the ‘Knit One, Save One’ campaign by Save the Children Federation, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun transformed into a handsome knitting instructor online.

Save the Children revealed on November 7 that the NGO will be releasing knitting tutorial videos online and Park Yoo Chun will be one of the instructors who will show step by step on how to knit hats to save newborn babies.

Park Yoo Chun is said to have learned how to knit to participate in this event.

Through Save the Children, Park Yoo Chun said, “I heard that many children in Africa and Asia received knitted hats. I’m really happy to be a part of this great campaign. I hope that more people will participate and it’ll be a winter when we’ll share the warmth of these hats and our hearts.”

The ‘Knit One, Save One’ campaign has volunteers knitting hats and blankets for babies, who are born in areas with a high death rates especially for newborns.

Photo Credit: Save the Children
Source: enewsWorld

[NEWS] 121107 ‘JYJ’ Park Yu-Cheon becomes a handsome instructor of ‘Knitting Hats for Newborns Campaign’

Park Yu-Cheon is becoming a handsome instructor of ‘Knitting Hats for Newborns Campaign’.

International relief and development NGO Save The Children announced that there would be Online Knitting Classes of ‘Knitting Hats for Newborns Campaign’ on 7th. The class with detailed steps of videos for learning knitting was made for people who hesitated for making hats due to lacks of skills of knitting until now. Park Yu-Cheon is going to participate in as an instructor teaching knitting for the campaign.

Park Yu-Cheon who learned knitting to participate for the campaign said, “I heard that many babies in Africa and Asia received knitted hats that saved their lives through the campaign. I’m glad to be a part of the campaign, and I’d like to have the winter that people share their warm love to others like knitted hats we knit.”

Meanwhile, ‘Knitting Hats for Newborns Campaign’ is one of representative participating donation campaign that Save The Children directed, and it delivers knitted hats to newborns in Africa and Asia after sponsors made hats after they purchase yarn kits from the organization.

Source: Innolife
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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