[NEWS] 121112 Flower Boy Style, Variety Changes As Time Goes By


In the 80s it was Kang Suk Woo and in the 90s it was Jang Dong Gun…
There were many representatives of flower boys in each generation.

Recently, pretty boys starts to appear in movies and not only they have good looks and body, they will appear as male leads who will sacrifice themselves for love. Singer-Actor Park Yoochun is one of them and he has a lot of fans domestically and internationally.


1960s – Shin Byul (75), Nam Kyung Won (78)
1970s – Lee Yong Ha (62), No Zhou Hyun (66), Han Jin Hee (63)
1980s – Choi Jae Sung (48) Kang Suk Woo (55), Choi Min Soo (50)
1990s – Bae Yong Jun (40), Jang Dong Gun (40), Kim Min Jong (40), Ryu Shi Won (40), Cha In Pyo (45)
2000s – Kang Don Won (31), Hyun Bin (30), Cho In Sung (31), Lee Jun Ki (30), Won Bin (35), Kwon Sang Woo (36)
2010s – Kim Soo Hyun (24), Song Joong Ki (27), Lee Min Ho (25), Park Yoochun (26)

Source: sports.khan
Credit: freyazo
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: iMickyCassie


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