[NEWS] 121113 JYJ Park Yoo Chun’s Turn as a Tough Investigator Previewed

Park Yoo Chun is shedding his soft and warm image for his new drama role.

MBC released new still cuts of the singer/actor and giving a glimpse of his character, Han Jung Woo.

After losing connection with his first love through a series of unfortunate events, Han Jung Woo goes on to become a tough-as-nails investigator.

A source from the drama’s production shared, “Undertaking the role of a tough investigator, Park Yoo Chun has shown his wild and intimidating gazes whilst acting. Be on the watch for his action scenes as well.”

The drama will next air on November 14 on MBC and will show how Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon, in their youth, came to split.

Photo Credit: MBC
Source: enewsWorld

[NEWS] 121113 JYJ’s Yoo Chun portrays a detective on Missing You

JYJ’s Yoo Chun is perfectly portraying a detective in the drama series Missing You.

On November 13, C-Jes Entertainment, Yoo Chun’s agency released some snapshots of Yoo Chun from the series. In the snapshots, Yoo Chun is about to hit a prisoner at a police station.

A spokesperson for Yoo Chun says, “Yoo Chun is showing off a charismatic look as a detective in the series. There will also be a lot of action scenes of Yoo Chun, so please don’t miss them.”

Missing You is a melodrama about a man and a woman who live with painful memories about their first love. Yoo Chun plays the role of Han Jung Woo, a man who becomes a detective to find his first love and the suspect, who is involved in the disappearance of his first love.

Source: Starnews
Credit: en.Korea

[NEWS] 121113 ‘I Miss You’ Park Yu-Cheon, turned into a homicide detective

Park Yu-Cheon of JYJ has changed into a homicide detective perfectly.

Park Yu-Cheon appearing in the drama ‘I Miss You’ of MBC released a photograph of himself expressing his rage with a clenched fist to a prisoner. In the photograph, he showed a strong charisma, which gathers expectations for his changed acting.

An official of the drama said, “Since he has the role of a homicide detective in the drama, he showed wild and sharp eyes. His action scenes will also be one of distinctive parts in the drama.”

On 12th, a photograph of Park Yu-Cheon singing in a karaoke was released, which announces a changed story of actors from young actors.

Meanwhile, ‘I Miss You’ which is going to broadcasted on 14th will have a scene of being apart of young Jeong-Woo(Yeo Jin-Gu’s role) and Su-Yeon(Kim So-Hyeon’s role).

Credit: innolife.co.kr
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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