[NEWS] 121112 Stills From ‘Missing You’ Revealed, Park Yoochun With Microphone‏


Recently, the stills for MBC ‘Missing You’ was revealed, showing Park Yoochun singing passionately while holding on to the microphone.

On the 8th broadcast of the the 2nd episode of ‘Missing You’, Park Yoochun appeared towards the end in tears, saying, “I will just wait today. I am going crazy like this.” Though it was a short impact, it was a strong appearance.

‘Missing You’ representatives said, “The scene where Park Yoochun is holding on to the microphone is a transition scene from the childhood to adulthood. This is also the first appearance of Han Jung Woo as an adult.”, “Please do anticipate the scenes of adult Han Jung Woo.”

Additionally, MBC ‘Missing You’ is about a male and female who lost their beautiful memory of their first love at 15 years old. Park Yoochun is acting as the male lead Han Jung Woo who is guilty and misses his first love that he was unable to protect. It is currently airing at 9.55pm KST every Wednesday and Thursday.

Credit: newsenMissing you baidu
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: iMickyCassie


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