[NEWS] 121114 JYJ will go to Japan to attend opening ceremony of the exhibition on the 15th

JYJ will depart for Japan to attend the official opening ceremony of the Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition on the 15th.

JYJ, appointed last Sept 17 at the KOTRA headquarters, will start to do full-pledged activities as ambassadors for KBEE. Their first public activity is to take part in the 2012 KBEE on Nov 14-16 to be held in Osaka.

Despite their busy schedule, JYJ found the time to do their role as ambassadors. Kim Jaejoong is busy promoting his new movie “Jackal is Coming’ that will released on the 15th. Park Yoochun is busy filming for his drama ‘I miss you’. Kim Junsu is busy doing preparations for his Germany concert on the 30th.

JYJ will attend the opening ceremony together with singer Park Hyo Shin but JYJ will not participate in the K-pop congratulatory stage. (Note: JYJ can attend as ambassadors but not as singers)

On the other hand, JYJ, as representative of the Hallyu wave, is planning to actively cooperate in order to promote to the youth a future-oriented image that can lead to a variety of Korea-Japan exchanges.

Source: OBS News
Translation Credit: Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3

[NEWS] 121114 JYJ is leaving for Japan on 15th…attending for Interchange Exhibition of South Korea and Japan

JYJ is going to Japan to attend for an official opening ceremony of ‘Interchange Exhibition of South Korea and Japan’ on 15th.

JYJ announced the start of authentic activities as an ambassador of ‘Interchange Exhibition of South Korea and Japan 2012’ at KOTRA on October 17. As the first promotion activity, the members of JYJ are attending for the exhibition that is held at Osaka in Japan from November 14 to 16. Especially, it’s noticed that the members of JYJ are doing their roles as ambassadors in spite of busy schedules. Kim Jae-Joong is having busy days for promotions of his movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ which is going to be released on 15th, Park Yu-Cheon is taking shootings for his drama ‘I Miss You’, and Kim Jun-Su is also concentrating on practicing of his concert in Germany on 30th.

JYJ is going to attend for the official opening ceremony with musician Park Hyo-Shin on 15th. However, JYJ is not going to be on stage that other K-POP musicians are going to have performances.

Meanwhile, JYJ is going to participate in promotions of young and future-oriented atmosphere of interchange of South Korea and Japan as a representative Hallyu musician of Korea.

Source: Innolife
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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