[NEWS] 121115 ‘I Miss You’ Park Yoochun Will Make His Appearance Next Week


Actor Park Yoochun is scheduled to make his return to television with MBC‘s new Weds/Thurs drama “I Miss You.”

It has been six months since his last project, SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” and his first regular appearance in “I Miss You” will be on November 21st, its fifth episode. Recently, an interview video was released on the official website.

He said, “‘I Miss You’ is a drama about love at its heart. It’s my plan to show the viewers the kind of love that really makes you feel. If you observe love from far away, it’s beautiful but it’s when you’re in it and when you’re facing problems that it becomes tragic. Please watch the show if you want to remember the sadness and the emotions that came with your first love.”

Park Yoochun had appeared at the tail end of the second episode that aired on November 8th and he was seen crying as he was watching a young Kim So Hyun. His first appearance made a very strong impression on the viewers. Many viewers said, “Can’t wait to see Yoochun in this!” “Can’t find any of ‘Rooftop Prince’ in his character this time!” “He totally seems like a detective, so manly.” “I can’t wait to see him act.”

Park Yoochun will play a homicide detective who still holds his first love in his heart. Viewers are expecting that he will show incredible charisma that is different from any other character he has played before. 

“I Miss You” executives said, “Park Yoochun is really invested in this and we hope that you’ll continue to watch him as he really gets into character.”

Source: kpopstarz
Shared by: iMickyCassie


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