[VIDEO+TRANS] 121113 YStarNews “The Man Who Knits – Park Yoochun‏”

In order to share love, the male lead of ‘Missing You’ Park Yoochun learnt as a role model in this warm hearted place, not any other things but knitting. His skills are not too bad right?

It seems a bit difficult in the starting, even the fingers were bent. Seeing his own looks, Park Yoochun laughed. And this time he held onto the finished hat and proudly showed it. A man who knits can be so handsome, this is something previously unknown.

(Interview: Park Yoochun)

This is my first time knitting because of this event and it is much more interesting than I imagined it to be. It is pretty addictive too. Everyone, please do take this chance and try knitting to join the Save-The-Newborn charity event. Everyone, fighting! Thank you~

Park Yoochun who knit hats in order to save the newborns who suffered from the hypothermia~ Just like his face, his heart is so warming too, saying out ‘I Miss You’ unknowingly. Please do anticipate the handsomeness of Park Yoochun in ‘Missing You’!

Source: Ystarnews
Credit: freyazo
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: iMickyCassie


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