[NEWS] 121116 JYJ Visiting Osaka, Awarded From The Minister Of Knowledge And Economy For The First Time Among Celebrities


JYJ was awarded from the Minister of Knowledge and Economy.

JYJ received an award from the Minister of Knowledge and Economy at an opening ceremony of ‘KBEE 2012’ (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2011) that was held at INTEX Exhibition Center in Osaka, Japan, on 15th. JYJ was recognized as the top Hallyu star that actively influences various areas of cultural industries.

C-Jes Entertainment, the agency of JYJ, said that, “With the fact that delivering Hallyu culture in countries such as in South America and Europe where have weak basement for Hallyu culture while not having limited concerts in Asia depends on profit, and the fact that creating chances and signal for Japanese fans to visit Korea with concert, drama fan meetings and fan fairs while JYJ’s activities in Japan is not allowed, and other facts are the result of JYJ’s efforts.” Also, C-Jes Entertainment added that, “Even though JYJ has no recent activity in Japan and visited Osaka after 3 years from the last visit, thousands of fans at an airport proved JYJ’s popularity.”

Meanwhile, JYJ said at the ceremony that, “We’re so happy to see many people who love Korea and our music though concerts and fan fair events. We’re going to be better with better activities after this meaningful award,” in a fluent Japanese.

Credit: innolife
Source: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: iMickyCassie


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