[TRANS] 121225 Park Yoochun Enjoys A White Christmas On Location, ‘A Reincarnation Of Prince Charming’

Actor Park Yoochun enjoyed a white Christmas on location of the drama ‘I Miss You’.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 25th that, “Filming for ‘I Miss You’ continued on, even on Christmas day. The filming took place outside from last night till early this morning, and when it snowed, filming stopped momentarily and Park Yoochun enjoyed a white Christmas.”

In the released photos, Park Yoochun is seen with a smile on his face as he looks up at the snow, standing under umbrellas with the staff and Director Lee Jae Dong. It was later said by staff members who saw Park Yoochun watching the snow fall that he looked like a reincarnation of Prince Charming.

A representative of his entertainment agency stated, “Though the staff and actors had forgotten about Christmas because of the rigorous filming process, they made sure to create some special memories when it started snowing,” and “Park Yoochun looked like he was having the time of his life as he took photos with a giant Christmas tree and had snowball fights with the staff members.”

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[TRANS] 121220 JYJ’s Park Yoochun Donates His Vocal Talent To The ‘Nice Library Project’

JYJ’s Park Yoochun has been chosen as the model and honorary ambassador of the ‘Nice Library Project’, a new kind of talent donation campaign that fights against preventable eyesight loss.

Park Yoochun, who has gripped the nation with his role in MBC’s ‘I Miss You’, has once narrated for the MBC special ‘The Hometown I Used To Live In”.

Park Yoochun plans to participate in a variety of activities to interact with those who wish to donate their voices by explaining how to participate in the ‘nice Library Project’, appearing in the explanatory movie and participating in the audiobook production process.

People can participate in the ‘Nice Library Project’ through the official homepage or through Standard Charter’s ‘Kakao Talk’ Plus Friends option till the 13th of January. Applicants will get a phone call from Park Yoochun to the phone number they submit and he will lead them through the process of participating in the project, and applicants will be able to listen of Park Yoochun’s ‘nice voice’.

Also, all online and mobile phone participants will be invited to the ‘Nice Voice Festival’ that will be held on the 19th of January in COEX, and 100 people will be chosen and given the chance to create an explanatory movie and audiobook with Park Yoochun for those who are blind. This movie and audiobook will be released next April in a commemorative event and will be donated to the Korea Blind Union.

Park Yoochun stated, “I think the ‘Nice Library Project’ is great because it’s easy for anyone with a warm heart to participate. I hope that a lot of people will share the joy and experience of creating books and movies needed by the visually impaired.”

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[TRANS] 121221 JYJ’s Yoochun, Final Decision For “I Miss You” To End With 20 Episodes Despite Discussions For An Extension

Although there were discussions for an extension of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, “I Miss You”, it has been decided that the drama will end with 20 episodes as originally planned.

According to MBC representatives on 21 Dec, “It is true that there have recently been meetings to consider an extension for “I Miss You”, but the final decision was for there not to be an extension.” There had previously been reports that “I Miss You”, which was originally planned to have 20 episodes, would be extended by 4 episodes to end with 24 episodes.

However, with the decision for “I Miss You” not to be extended, it will thus end with 20 episodes in mid-January. Presently, 13 episodes of “I Miss You” have been broadcast, so there are 7 episodes remaining.

On another note, “I Miss You” is a melodrama which depicts the story of a male and a female who live with the wounds of having the memories of their first love forcefully taken away from them. It is a love story like that of hide-and-seek. It is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday, at 9.55pm.

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[TRANS] 121218 Solo Activities Again? We Find Out When JYJ Will Get Back Together Again

When will JYJ get back together again?

With the continuation of JYJ’s individual activities, many are curious to see when they will get back together to perform as a group.

C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ, revealed on the 18th that, “Kim Jaejoong will be releasing a solo mini album next January that contains a variety of rock genre music.” With Kim Junsu holding a solo concert from the 29th till the 31st of this month and Kim Jaejoong releasing a solo album, JYJ’s group activities can’t help but be pushed back to a later date.

With fans waiting for the group’s next album release, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “JYJ will focus on individual activities in the first half of 2013, and will release a new album in the summer of next year.”

After releasing his solo album in January, Kim Jaejoong plans to continue his career as an actor. Kim Junsu will be choosing from solo activities in a wide variety of genres, potentially including a new musical. After Park Yoochun’s drama ‘I Miss You’ ends in January, he will be taking a break and choosing his next production.

As the group’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment has ended, many are curious to see what kind of activities JYJ will be pursuing in 2013.

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[TRANS] 121217 JYJ Have Disappeared From Variety Shows But Say, “We Really Want To Make Appearances”

The members of JYJ have expressed their desire to appear on variety shows.

During the press conference of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘I Miss You’, JYJ member Park Yoochun was asked about appearing on variety shows.

Since splitting from TVXQ, JYJ have released songs such as ‘Be My Girl’, ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’, but they have never appeared on any of the three major broadcasting companies’ music programs, and they have never shown their faces on variety shows other than on entertainment news programs. However, with JYJ’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment recently coming to an end, the stage is set for JYJ to appear on variety shows in the near future.

Though he hesitated for a moment after receiving the question, Park Yoochun stated, “Of course I want to appear on variety shows.” Stating, “I haven’t appeared on a variety show for so long. I can’t think of being on one since 2008,” Park Yoochun also confessed, “I think it would be fun to make an appearance, even just once. I think talking to people in an informal meeting is different from talking to people in a broadcasted event. It would be great.”

Park Yoochun added, “I really want to appear on SBS’ ‘Laws of the Jungle’. I like that kind of thing. Before I started working on this drama, I would take a tent and leave without a destination in mind in the early hours of the morning, set up the tent at 3am and get eaten alive by mosquitos,” and “I’ve wanted to appear on ‘Laws of the Jungle’ ever since it first began airing.”

Even before Park Yoochun’s confession, his fellow member Kim Junsu had opened up about appearing on variety shows.

Kim Junsu met with reporters on the 29th of November before the finale stage of his first solo world tour and talked about the end of his group’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment. On this day, Kim Junsu was asked about future variety show activities, to which he stated, “Even I don’t know yet. Personally, I believe that we should have been able to appear on variety shows, even before the settlement was made. I’m not sure if this verdict will help us appear on variety shows, but we’re always dreaming [of it happening].”

Kim Junsu stressed, “I’ve seen the articles that talked about how people want to see us on variety shows,” and said to the reporters, “I’m curious as well. Do you think we’ll be able to appear on variety shows? It would be nice if we could. Please, help us.”

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[TRANS] 121227 Lee Seung Gi, JYJ…Whose Fans Are The Strongest? Fierce Competition For The Popularity Award In The “MBC Drama Awards”

Beginning with the “KBS Entertainment Awards” on 22 Dec, the anticipation towards the year-end award ceremonies of the 3 broadcasting agencies in Korea is high. As with any awards ceremony, much attention is on who will walk away with the award. Although it is also an honour to receive the big awards from the broadcasting agencies, who take into consideration your contributions and popularity, the best way to affirm your popularity with the viewers is through the popularity award.

Among those, the popularity award of the drama awards is one that actors and actresses take pride in, and that fans participate enthusiastically in. In particular, as there are many male actors with deep-rooted popularity involved in the MBC Drama Awards this year, it has attracted an exceptional number of female viewers to vote. It seems that the competition is even stiffer than for the Daesang.

During an interview with OSEN, MBC representatives explained, “The number of nominees for the popularity award is usually set at 10. However, as the performance of the male actors in MBC drams this year has been outstanding, the number of nominees has been increased.” With the number of nominees increased to 15, it seems difficult to predict who will win.

Voting began on 21 Dec via the MBC official website. The 15 nominees for the popularity award are: Kim Soo Hyun with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, Kim Jae Won with “May Queen”, JYJ’s Jaejoong with “Dr. Jin”, JYJ’s Yoochun with “I Miss You”, Song Seung Hun with “Dr. Jin”, Ahn Jae Wook with “Light And Shadow”, Yeo Jin Goo with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, Yoo Seung Ho with “I Miss You”, Lee Seon Gyun with “Golden Time”, Lee Seung Gi with “King 2 Hearts”, Lee Jang Woo with “I do, I do”, Lee Jun Gi with “Arang And The Magistrate”, ZE:A’s Siwan with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, Jung Il Woo with “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” and Jo Seung Woo with “The King’s Doctor”.

All the nominees are very popular actors. From Lee Seung Gi who has a wide fanbase that spans across age groups, to Kim Soo Hyun who has had a great year, to idol group JYJ’s members Jaejoong and Yoochun, all these actors are strong contenders for the popularity award.

MBC limits the number of votes to one vote per ID, and a maximum of 3 votes per IP address per day. Hence the fans, who love their idols, make use of the IDs of their family members as well. MBC will announce the results of the voting during the live broadcast of the awards ceremony, which will be held on 30 Dec.

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[TRANS] 121228 Rookie Group ‘Pure’ To Hold A Relay Of 100 Concerts To Wish For TVXQ’s Reunion

The five member rookie group ‘Pure’ will be holding a charity concert in the hopes that the former members of TVXQ, who have now split into TVXQ and JYJ, will soon stand on one stage again.

Pure Entertainment (CEO Park Sang Hyun) revealed that the group will be holding 100 concerts at the pure k-pop live concert hall near Myeongdong in Seoul from the 12th of this month, with the hopes that the five members of TVXQ will reunite soon, before making their broadcasted debut.

The rookie group consists of white Soo Hyuk, pink Chan Hwee, black Ji Min, blue Jung Bin and yellow Young Hoo. Created by Pure Entertainment’s CEO Park Sang Hyun, who is a long-time fan of TVXQ, the group is meant to be an homage for domestic fans who miss TVXQ.

It was found that the five members of Pure were picked after beating stiff competition in an audition that centered around TVXQ’s good looks, singing, and dancing, as well the contestants’ affection for TVXQ. Pure showed off their talents in Japan first, and have already held two sold-out showcase events in Tokyo.

The concerts will be held three times a week and fans of TVXQ, children of families with no parents, and the disabled will be given free admittance. A portion of the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation to help those in need.

Also, Pure created the project group ‘Pure Family’ with the soon-to-debut trio ‘The Soul’ and Han Sung Wook, who entered the finals of MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star’, and will release the charity album ‘Standing Together’ for those in need.

The music video of their title song has already garnered much attention as it reenacted the true story of a man who found the body of his wife-to-be by the initials on her engagement ring in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan last year. It was later said that people in the Miyagi and Sendai region who had experienced the earthquake took part in the music video and shared the pain and despair they felt at that moment.

‘Standing Together’ will be released on the Korean, English and Japanese version of iTunes at the same time, and the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation.

Pure’s Leader White Soo Hyuk stated, “We’re happy to be greeting fans with such meaningful events as our relay concert and charity album,” and “We will do our best to not tarnish the achievements that our TVXQ seniors have made overseas at our Sendai, Japan and New Jersey, USA charity concerts. We sincerely hope for the day when we can see the five members of TVXQ on stage together to come soon.”

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