[NEWS] Missing You is currently hot among viewers

MBC TV’s drama series Missing You is currently attracting a lot of attention from viewers.

Many viewers write on the official website of the series, online community boards, and social networking sites to ask people to watch the premiere of the episodes.

Since the first episode aired, its audience rating has steadily increased, and the audience rating of the tenth episode, which aired on December 6, recorded the highest audience rating from among all drama series airing at the same time. The twelfth episode of the series recorded an audience rating of 11.7 percent.

Viewers responded: “Have you prepared your handkerchieves?” “I wait for the series to air for the whole week.” “Missing You will air tonight! Please watch the premiere!” “Missing You is so sad. I always cry when I watch it.” “I always watch Missing You on Wednesdays and Thursdays!”

Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun), Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye), and Hyung Jun (played by Yoo Seung Ho) are now in a love triangle.

While the cleaning lady’s murder case has not been clearly resolved yet, Hyung Jun is preparing to take revenge on Tae Jun (played by Han Jin Hee).

Missing You airs on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 p.m.

Source: Xportsnews
Credit: en.korea.com
Shared by: iMickyCassie


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