[TRANS] Soo Yeon says, “I wish I went back to 14 years ago”

In the 18th episode of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You, which aired on January 9, Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye) gives a correct answers to questions given by Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chu).

Saying that’s correct, Jung Woo tells Soo Yeon to reveal what she wishes for. Soo Yeon says, “My dream is to go back someday 14 years ago. Or if it’s impossible, I wish I lived the rest of my life like those days.”
Jung Woo asks when it was, and Soo Yeon recalls her old happy days, saying, “The day I had a fight with detector Kim for snatching a clothespin. I’d never seen my mom look so happy before.”
One day, 14 years ago, detective Kim played prank on Soo Yeon by snatching her clothespin given by Jung Woo as a gift. Soo Yeon chased after him trying to get it back. Watching them playing a joke, Soo Yeon’s mom is all smiles. Soo Yeon now misses the happy old days.

source: Xportsnews
credit: korea.com
shared by; iMickyCassie


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