[NEWS] 130120 Yahoo Japan reports “JYJ Won – Tokyo District Court ordered Compensation from AVEX”

 [NEWS] JYJ Won – Tokyo District Court ordered Compensation from AVEX

(Seoul Union News) On the 18th, Seoul District Court sentenced an order to AVEX, management agent of Korea’s popular group JYJ in Japan, to prohibit the agent’s right to monopolize the management of JYJ in Japan.  AVEX was also ordered to pay 660 million yen (7.36 million USD) as reparation to JYJ’s Korean management company, C-JeS.

In addition, AVEX must pay 1 million yen (11,000 USD) as damages to the representative of C-JeS for defamation charges.

C-JeS side commented, “Japan Court’s acknowledgement of the interference of AVEX in JYJ’s activities in Japan and ruled to prohibit such actions made us very happy. With this ruling, JYJ hopes to resume their activities in Japan as soon as possible.”

While they were involved in the lawsuit with former Korean management agent SM Entertainment, JYJ signed a management contract with AVEX via C-JeS in Feb 2010. However, when AVEX disagrees with C-JeS on the scope of JYJ’s activities, AVEX began to claim that the representative of C-JeS is linked with doubtful groups (mafia, gangsters) and one-sidedly terminated all JYJ’s activities in Japan in Sept 2010.

C-JeS requested for terminating the exclusive contract with AVEX but, AVEX insisted its right to the exclusivity of managing JYJ in Japan and rejected this request.

Japan Source: Yahoo Japan
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3 + Jen_BabyLove

Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie

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 [NEWS] JYJ Wins Lawsuit Against Avex in Japan
January 18, 2013 23:00:21 PM

Thus, JYJ was relieved to finally be able to do promo in Japan again without stumbling block.


WowKeren.com – JYJ wins the case about what they are entitled to. Following the outcome of the trial of the case slave contract with SM Entertainment over the past year, JYJ can breathe easier now as they have completed the case of a lawsuit with his former agency in Japan, Avex.

The step of JYJ in Japan was hampered in 2011 due to dispute with SM Entertainment and Avex. Avex itself cooperation with SM Entertainment for the handling of SM artist career in Japan. When JYJ and TVXQ still be personnel involved in dispute with SM, Avex join “against” them, and prohibit JYJ career in Japan during the case has not been finished.

JYJ now has won the case. “During the trial in Japan on January 18, the Court ruled Avex can not interfere promo JYJ’s activities in Japan,” said a spokesman for the agency C-Jes Entertainment as reported by allkpop. “If an official document from a court settles down, we will announce a press release.”

Thus, JYJ was relieved to finally indulge again in Japan. Previously, Avex always jammed their steps when conducting activities in Japan. (wk / dn)

Indonesia Source: wowkeren.com
Translated by: Miya of JYJ3

Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie

 [NEWS] Winning Against Avex, JYJ Perform Free Promo in Japan?
Friday, January 18, 2013 19:21 |


JYJ photo: soompi.com

Kapanlagi.com – After a lawsuit with their former agency SM Entertainment had won, boyband JYJ seem to want to rid themselves of another lawsuit, claiming victory against their former Japanese agency, Avex.

JYJ’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment confirmed the news saying, “Through trial in Japan on Friday (18/1), it was decided that Avex now has no right to disturb JYJ’s promotional activities in Japan,” as reported by allkpop.com.

They added, “Once we receive the document official decision, we will provide a press release to media colleagues,”


The long road to promote JYJ in Japan seems to have been wide open © mtviggy.com

Previously, JYJ has undergone contract lawsuit against Avex since 2011 because Avex interfering with JYJ’s effort to hold a charity concert which devoted to the earthquake in Tohoku.

With this official decision, there most likely that JYJ is now free to do promotions in Japan. (alk / aia)

Indonesia Source: Kapanlagi.com
Translated by: Miya of JYJ3

Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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