[TRANS] 130119 JYJ’s Yoochun, Reason For Cropping Off His Hair Was “Just For A Change After The Drama Ended”

On 19 January, JYJ member Yoochun appeared in public with a close-cropped haircut, and among much talk, his management agency has clarified that “This was just for a change”

A representative of his management agency spoke with OSEN on the afternoon of 19 January, and explained, “Previously, he had also cut his hair immediately after the drama ended, but this time he felt that he wanted it even shorter, and did a close-cropped haircut.”

Also, explaining why he would change his hairstyle after every drama, they said, “Because it’s hard to change his hairstyle while filming a drama, he (feels like he) has to change it when the shooting ends.”

JYJ’s Yoochun had revealed this close-cropped hairstyle on the afternoon of this day at the “Standard Chartered Bank Nice Voice Festival With Park Yoochun” event held in COEX, Seoul.

Yoochun has plans to shoot a commercial together with the members of JYJ, then take some time to recharge after that.

Source: [Kstyle News]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iMickyCassie


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