[NEWS] 130226 JYJ’s label says Channel A should apologize to viewers


JYJ‘s label issued their own statement on Channel A‘s explanation.

C-JeS Entertainment said, “The basic principle for a broadcasting channel is fair reporting. They’re obligated to properly report information about the program and its participants to the viewers. We are disappointed that these principles were not kept during a large major event for the country. It’s not something you should apologize to us or the fans, but instead, to the viewers. Even though the hosts, the transition team, already reported on information about the participants and why they were invited through an official statement, we are disappointed that the proper truth was not reported. There is no reason to reply to the other comments or apologies.

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[NEWS] 130228 JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert confirmed, “We’ll give you the best stage”


JYJ will resume activities in Japan after four years.

JYJ will have a 3-day concert at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, from April 2 to 4. This concert is the first official event since ‘THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME’ since June 2010 in four years after Avex suspended JYJ activities in Sept 2010 due to lawsuit about exclusive contract. JYJ’s 2010 Japanese activities in Tokyo and Osaka Dome tour lasted for four days and had an audience of 200,000 people.

JYJ said “We are already excited to meet fans in Japan after a long time. Performance at Tokyo Dome is very meaningful for us. We are confident that we will give you the best stage since we will be standing in front of everyone for the first time in 4 years.”

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* JYJ’s Japanese reps: JYJ is recognized for possessing perfect vocal ability and for their control on the stage. Just the news of their Tokyo Dome comeback has become a ‘daily topic’ and generated a flood of inquiries. (via @ohmyjunsu)

[INFO/RANKING] 130227 Economist’s 2012 World Star Popularity Ranking: Korea – Yoochun & Jaejoong


29 countries, total surveyed population is over 21,999,843, focused on celebrities younger than 45 years old.
Standards used:
1. Eliminated the survey results from the country of the celebrity’s nationality.
2. Level of involvement in charity events.
3. Level of recognition in population aged 15-35 in nations other than the country of the celebrity’s nationality.
4. The value of payments by supporters (such as the purchase of the celebrity’s album, endorsed products, tickets to concerts, movies, and performances, etc)

Top 40 ranking:

6. Park Yuchun (48.01%)

31. Kim Jaejoong (29.93%)

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[UPDATE] 130228 JYJ Facebook Update: JYJ has an official account on Naver LINE now!



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JYJ3′s Note: If you want to add the English version of their account:
– Go to ‘[…] More’
– pick the ‘Official Accounts’ icon
– There should be the option ‘+ Select another country’
– pick either ‘Singapore’, ‘Hong Kong’, or ‘Philippines’
– and ‘JYJ(EN)’ should be the latest New Official Accounts
– pick the ‘Chat’ icon and add them!^^
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