[TRANS] 130203 Hayato-san’s Blog Update – Noises of Remembering Hitachinaka

Noises of Remembering Hitachinaka -1

Actually, there’s something that all of you didn’t know.

2 weeks before Hitachinaka’s concert was held…

There was plan to give a notice of cancellation at that time.

What had happened? I couldn’t say it in one word…

I can’t write it in details now, but it was hopeless…the condition was very serious in which there’s no way but to cancel it.

As for me, on that Saturday, 2 weeks before the concert, I knew about the situation and was urgently called to write a business proposal.

For example, if anything suddenly occurred, at that time, an expert will be gathered and a third party body took form…

Please think of me from a standpoint of which a person that is involved in these type of matters.

Basically, I’m a third party. I am not a person related to the event.

※Also as I’ve written before, I am a person who does not want to be in a place of which I’m an interest to the three of them, so I’m involved with them with one condition-I am not being paid. There seems to be people, who think that I open the blog to sell 3Voices…but since I’m involved in the planning, my intention is for people to watch it.

But, if it sells well or if it sells badly, none of it has any benefit to me.

My sole motivation…is for people to be happy.

The noises at that time…If it’s possible, we would like to joke about the story of that time at café HYT (tn: HYT: Hayato) (If that kind of thing really does exist…but *laugh*)

And then, after the next three days…

Merely 10 more days before the concert, due to a big twist, the concert was confirmed reversely.

I started to watch from Disc 2.

The scene of which Jaejoong, meeting with a Japanese person-in-charge of the stage while holding the image illustration…

For me, it is a deeply moving scene.

Of course, it didn’t go exactly as according to the business plan. But if there’s no business plan, things wouldn’t progress.

When you watch Disc 2, you’ll understand that the three spoke out of various opinions.

That is very good.

To make this opinions come to life…The three of them positively speak up about their opinions…

A concert packed with their opinions…That is the most important thing.

The concert was only confirmed with a mere 10 days before THE day.

At that time too, there’s problem with buses…there’s problem with tickets…
At places that couldn’t be seen, there are a lot of fighting against the various hindrance…it was really difficult until the concert

Meanwhile, from that day onwards, with 10 days left, the three of them did their preparation for the heartfelt stage.

That repeated and repeated rehearsal video…

You can feel the earnestness that the three put into their concert, right?

The concert above all these noises…I, on that day, couldn’t stop my tears seeing all of you who continuously keep coming to the venue

Smile,smile,smile…I walked around the venue alone, and see the smile on each and every one of you.

All of you, coming to the faraway Hitachinaka with a lot of thoughts jamming your heart…
Wholeheartedly wanting to see the three of them…

And the three of them whom wholeheartedly wanting to see all of you, had overcome various difficulties for this

That was…the Hitachinaka-concert

For the sake of those who unfortunately couldn’t come on that day, I think it’s a good thing that this DVD came out.

It is a DVD, packed with the fans smile and the three’s smile…it is also a very precious record for me

Credit: Hayato-san’s Blog
Translated By: Helly (@hellyryther) of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3
Please take out with full credit


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